A Photo Ride with Discover Panay Island Group

This is it! After my Guimaras Trip was featured in The Daily Guardian News Paper, now my Photo Ride with Discover Panay Island (DPI) Group was again featured. This is the 1st Photo Ride Event of DPI in the First District of Iloilo going to Antique.

Discover Panay Island Phot Ride

It was indeed another wonderful experience joining the 1st Photo Ride by Discover Panay Island Group sponsored by sir Hawili Hurom last July 14, 2012. I really cancelled all my appointments and classes just to be with the group in the quest for discovering places in Panay Island.

 There are actually 22 slots reserved for this event, but due to unfriendly weather in the early morning of this day, some where not able to join, but we were fortunate that in the late hours in the morning before we departed the weather cooperated with us. So here we go!

The meeting place was in Molo, in front of Ramboys Restaurant where we meet with some of the members coming from the North and Iloilo City. We have the distribution of T-Shirt by Rey Bayona, Glen Opong oriented us with the itinerary from Molo to San Joaquin (sad to say we came out of route as planned :-) ) and we have our food (Banana Que, and Turon) with us.

We get acquainted with the members while in the jeepney, sharing stories and having fun. I have a chance to talk also with my good friend Rey Bayona and we are seat mates all over the trip. I really appreciate his kindness in giving tips about Photography, and teaching me how to set my camera properly.

The first drop was in Oton taking some photo at Gaisano City area, and we headed to Tigbauan to meet some members. We had a stop at Tigbauan Church, this is my first time to visit the Historical Church, and take some photos.

Our next stop is Fishworld at SEAFDEC Tigbauan, where in we had a chance to visit their museum-aquarium, and breeding centers. We skip Guimbal and Miagao for it was scheduled in the afternoon in our return trip from San Joaquin. But we took photos along the way of our trip.

We go directly to San Joaquin where in we will have our lunch their, but one of the member (Jaiden) was left behind so we need to wait for him at Tiolas. While waiting, we took chances of taking pictures and after that we proceed to Lawigan for our lunch sponsored by Fr. Tom Terania of Our Lady of Salvacion Parish, Lawigan thru DPI member maam Samen Terania. After our lunch, we took photos of the Church and Fr. Tom oriented us about the history of the church. This is where i know that the Holy Relic of St. Faustina can be found here, and i personally see it (rare opportunity). Before we go, Fr. Tom offered us prayers.

This is now the moment of revising the itinerary (we are having fun and just enjoying the trip), instead of going back to Miagao and Guimbal we preferred to go to Anini-y Antique, it’s about an hour from Lawigan, we are having fun taking photos along the way as well as eating Banana Que, Turon, and the delicious cookies made by Maam Meryl, and other native foods we bring with us. We visited Sira-an Hot Spring and Anini-y Church.

We headed back to San Joaquin and drop by San Joaquin Cemetery and took Photos, since it was already late in the afternoon, we have to skip Guimbal and Miagao, and we go back to Tigbauan to visit Bearland Resort as we were given permission by the German Manager to explore and promote the place.

We end up the ride past 6:00 pm, and we go separately going back home with a big smile and great experience where no one can pay off, plus a take home of the left over foods :-) . We are very thankful to sir Hawili Hurom for sponsoring this event, and to all the DPI members, especially those who joined the 1st Photo Ride. Till next time again…

DPI Members who joined the 1st Photo Ride:

1. Meryl Puljanan Hiso
2. Glenn Opong
3. Jp Sarsoza
4. SaMen T. TeRania
5. Ian John Pamplona
6. Dee James
7. Royce S Reyes
8. Han Vasquez
9. Mhytz Villasis
10. Rey Bayona
11. Jaiden Castillon Peñascosa
12. Ramzkie G. Lumauag
13. Discover Tigbauan Iloilo
14. Imperial Ledesma Cyrla

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  1. Wow! Congrats Sir! more features to come! Cheers!!!

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