A Short Visit to Oriental Mindoro

Last September 10-25, 2012 i was invited to be one of the Accreditors at Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT). This is not a scheduled trip, but this is an official business. Yes, as an accreditor i was in charged to accredit the Information Technology Program of the MinSCAT at Victoria, and Bongabong Campus.

Roxas Oriental Mindoro

This is my first time to visit Mindoro, from Iloilo City  i rode a bus via Antique to Caticlan, it took me almost 10 hours of travel (6:00 am to 4:00 pm). From Caticlan, the bus was transported via a RoRo Ship to Roxas Port, Oriental Mindoro another 5 hours of travel (4:00 pm to 9:00 pm), and from Roxas Port we were fetched by the MinSCAT staff, another 2 hours travel time going to Victoria.

I haven’t seen how Mindoro looks like for it was already late night when we travel going to Victoria. Victoria is located along the Mountain Side of Mindoro, at Victoria Campus the view of Mt. Halcon can be seen. Mt. Halcon has the tallest peak among the mountains at Mindoro.

Mt.Halcon Oriental Mindoro

We stayed at the campus for 3 days, and was transferred to Bongabong Campus for the next 3 days. It’s raining that whole week so i haven’t got any chance to go out of the campus.

It was only the last day of our schedule and we are about to go home when the weather was fine. And this was only the first time ever i have seen the place as we are transported going back to Roxas Port. (too bad :-()

I got some photo along the sea side of the campus. MinSCAT Bongabong is along the costal area, i had this chance to take a view of the sunrise.

Sunrise Oriental Mindoro

I took chances to take pictures on the road, as we passed by in a view of Naujan Lake, it is the fifth largest lake in the Philippines.

Naujan Lake

When we reached Roxas Port, i got a chance to roam around while waiting for the RoRo Ship back to Caticlan. Mindoro is known for their “Bawang” (Garlic) it is sold in the port, and in any stores along the port. It is sold from at least Php 100.

Mindoro Bawang

There are also affordable hotels right beside the port ranges from Php 1,500 – 2,500 good for 4 and for family also. The NN Seaport Hotel and Maur Hotel.

Maur Hotel Oriental Mindoro

NN Seaport Hotel Oriental Mindoro

I also got a chance to buy some souvenir items at Dench Souvenir Shop, you can shop for T-Shirts, Native Accessories and other souvenir items.

DENCH Souvenir Shop Oriental Mindoro

If you are looking for a place to feed your stomach, there are a lot restaurants within the port, you can also try the Mangyan Palace Restaurant.

Mangyan Palace Restaurant

Hope to be back in this place to explore more and hopefully visit Puerto Galera. :-)

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2 Responses
  1. Anne Solidum Maur (Maur hotel proprietress) says:

    I have read your whole article, it’s nice. I’m very thankful when I saw the pic of Maur hotel in your article. Thank u so much and God bless :-) Hope to see u again here soon :-)

    -The Manager

  2. Happy Tripz says:

    Thanks for reading my blog. I am sure i will be going back there, its a nice place. Looking forward also to visit Puerto Gallera…

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