RamzkieThis blog was inspired on the usual word you will hear from people if you will be going on a travel. Happy Trip! I was also inspired by the different travel blogs i have read, so i decided to make this blog to share my travel adventures, inspire readers, and share some travel tips. I am not an expert writer, so this is my way of developing my writing skills, i am also a hobbyist photographer so i always have my camera with me every time i go.

I grew up in Negros Occidental and currently staying for good in Iloilo City. I am an IT Professor and a Freelance Web Developer, you can see me inside the classroom for the rest of the day, and in the evening i worked at home for some projects with the clients. My schedule is so busy, and traveling is my way of relieving my self from stress, i sometimes go for a getaway just to relax.

I feel happy every time i travel, i got that self satisfaction, and find joy in sharing it with others.

I dreamed of traveling around the Philippines and maybe the world someday and to be featured on travel sites, tv shows, and magazines.  I also want to meet those famous travel bloggers and share common interest with them.

There is no problem in dreaming as long as you worked for it to achieve those dreams.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and being a part of my journey. Ito ang Trip ng Buhay Ko!

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