Miagao Salakayan Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities

The Municipality of Miagao will be celebrating the Salakayan Festival 2013 this February 3-10, 2013. Check out the Schedule of Activities.

This year’s theme is: “Saulogon Dugong Miagaowanon

Salayan Festival 2013

With the annual celebration of the SALAKAYAN Festival, Miagao’s culture and history are preserved for subsequent generations though a variety of special events presented through cultural performances that tells a story; serves religious, political, economic, or social needs that gives spectators an experience that is pleasurable, exciting, and aesthetically valuable.

Salakayan Festival was coined from the native word “Salakay: or “Attack”. The festival honors and commemorates the bravery of its ancestors. With the tribe presentation as the festival highlight, performers dance depicting the frequent Moro raids that caused panic throughout the community as Muslim raiders attacked the town’s coastline from their bases.

The Famous UNESCO World Heritage Church can also be found here. Visit Miagao and Witness the Salakayan Festival 2013.

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