Roxas City Capiz is not just the Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Roxas City in Capiz is known as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, it is the home of delicious seafood and the place is rich in marine resources. But did you know that aside from its delicious seafood, it has also a lot of attractions and is now boosting their tourism industry to be one of the tourist destination in the country.

Roxas City Capiz

I have been into this place so many times already and i have seen a lot of improvements in this place. Last February 15, the Philippine Society of Information Technology Students-Western Visayas (PSITS-WV) had a Regional Convention at Kapis Mansions Roxas City.

Kapis Mansions Roxas City

Kapis Mansions is ideal for event gathering for it has a function room to accommodate large number of participants. We stayed at the hotel, the staff are very accommodating, nice place and ambiance and of course we did not miss the delicious seafood.

Roxas Seafood Seafood of Roxas City
Capiz Seafood Seafood from Capiz

Aside from the beaches, there is also this attraction located at Lawis Baybay Roxas City, the Cadimahan River. They have the floating restaurant, massage services, foot spa, recreational fishing, and listening to composo or folk songs.

Cadimahan River Tour Roxas City

Cadimahan River Floating Restaurant

I was amazed by this place, very relaxing, and the people are so friendly and accommodating. The Cadimahan River Tour is a project of the local government to provide visitors a refreshing and enriching ride cruising the river, as well as giving also livelihood to fisher folks living in the nearby area.

Cadimahan Project Cadimahan Services

I believe that this will boost the tourism industry of Roxas City and the Province of Capiz, this will serve as an alternative travel destination. Roxas City is only 45 minutes away from Manila by plane, with Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific operating.

Roxas City Capiz is not just the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, it will be the next travel destination.

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3 Responses
  1. There, I miss my hometown..
    Havent explored kadimahan river, but really there’s a lot that can be done in roxas.

  2. Gerard Hagerty says:

    Hi there,

    Great site! My wife, daughter and I will be in Roxas next month. Would you be able to lend me some advice about family things to do there. That floating river restaurant looks really cool! We will try that for sure. But any other things you have in mind would be appreciated.



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