Summer Escapade 2013 Day 3: Laguna, Tagaytay, Enchanted Kingdom

April 3, 2013, Day 3 trip is Laguna, Tagaytay, and Enchanted Kingdom. Wake-up call is 5:00 am, and after breakfast, we proceed to Laguna to visit Gardenia. We witness the actual production of Gardenia Bread.

gardenia bread laguna

From Laguna, we proceed to Tagaytay for the City Tour.

tagaytay highlands

We had our lunch at Leslies Restaurant, they specialize in Filipino Dishes. The place is great and you will have a view of Taal Volcano while eating.

leslies restaurant tagaytay

taal volcano

After lunch, we then proceed to Enchanted Kingdom to have the Ride All-you Can experience.

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom Ride Enchanted

 Enchanted Kingdom Rides

After enchanted kingdom, we went back to Manila and have our dinner at the hotel. Day 3 was a lot of fun and adventures.

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