Top Places to Visit in Cebu

One of my favorite place for travel is Cebu City,  I have been in this place many times already. I like the places, its clean, affordable foods (mostly eat all you can or buffet), you can review your history as you visit the historical places.  If you are planning to have a tour to see the beautiful and historical places in Cebu City. Here are some top places i can recommend.

Cebu Taoist Temple

Cebu Taoist Temple

Built in 1972, the Cebu Taoist Temple is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City, Philippines. The temple was built by Cebu’s substantial Chinese community. With an elevation of 300 meters above sea level, the temple is a towering, multi-tiered, multi-hued attraction accessible by three separate winding routes.

Lapu Lapu Shrine

Lapu Lapu Shrine Cebu

This historical place is located at Punta Engano, Lapu-lapu City. This is the site where the battle between Mactan island Chieftain Lapulapu and the foreign aggressor Ferdinand Magellan occurred in April 27,1521. It depicts the hero holding a bolo in one hand and a pestle on the other. Said weapons were believed to have been used during his combat with Magellan. This monument stands as a reminder of Filipino bravery.

Magellan’s Cross

Magellan's Cross Cebu

It is located at Magallanes Street, planted in April 21, 1521 by Ferdinand Magellan, this marks the spot where the first Christian Filipinos, Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana and about 400 followers were baptized by Fr. Pedro Valderama. In 1525 to 1740, the Agustinian priests built and open shrine for the cross, but the natives began to take chips from the cross believing it had miraculous power. So a kiosk like structure was built to protect the cross from total destruction. To protect it further, a hollow cross of tindalo wood was made to encase the original cross which still stands today.

Cebu Heritage Park

Cebu Heritage Park

It is located at Colon Street, Cebu City, located on the original Plaza Parian, the Heritage of Cebu Monument showcases the significant and symbolic events in the history of Cebu from the time of Rajah Humabon to the recent beatification of Cebuano martyr Pedro Calungsod. The monumental sculptural tableau is the work of national artist Edgardo Castrillo. Construction began on July 1997 and inaugurated in December 8, 2000.

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro Cebu

It is located at Pier Area, Cebu City, the smallest, oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. This served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. It has a total inside area of 2,025 sq. meters. The walls are 20 feet high, 8 feet thick and the towers are 30 feet high from the ground level. Work was first started on May 8, 1565 with MIGUEL LOPEZ DE LEGASPI breaking the ground. After the battle of Manila Bay, Commodore George Dewey turned the fort to the local Cebuanos, then it became an American Warwick Barracks during the American Regime which was later converted into classrooms where the Cebuanos received formal education. During World War II, from 1941 to 1945, it served as fortification for Japanese soldiers, when the battle for liberation was fought, the fort served as an army camp. After 1950, Cebu Garden Club took over and fixed the inner court into a miniature garden. For a couple of years it also housed the Cebu City Zoo. In 1978 to August 15, 1993, it housed the offices of the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Tourism Authority. At present, it is under the care and administration of the PTA and now houses the National Museum that showcases the San Diego shipwreck & Fort San Pedro diggings.

Basilica de Santo Niño

Basilica de Santo Niño Cebu

The Minor Basilica of the Santo Niño or Basilica Minore del Santo Niño is a 16th century church in Cebu City in the Philippines. It was built purportedly on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño, a sculpture depicting the Holy Child Jesus found by Spanish explorers in 1565 preserved in a burned wooden box which was left behind during the 1521 Magellan expedition.

The Tops

The Tops Cebu

Situated high on top of cool busay Hills is an excellent sight seeing spot which offers a breathtaking view of Metro Cebu and the islands of Mactan and Olango. Cottages are available for daytime picnics and instant evening parties. Only 15 minutes ride away from Cebu City’s Lahug area.

Alegre Guitars

Alegre Guitars Cebu

It is located in Lapu-lapu City, Mactan Island.The guitars from this shop are of great quality that the shop even exports their products to other countries such as Australia and the United States.

Tower Mall

Crown Regency Hotel Tower Cebu

Located right at the heart of the city, there is the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers which you can see a majestic view of uptown Cebu City satiates the eyes at the 40-storey hotel tower. You can enjoy recreational activities like the thrill seekers, the Sky Experience Adventure Tour & Sky Extreme Adventure, and watch 4D Movies.

Don’t miss to visit these places if you will be going to Cebu.

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