Visiting Tacloban Leyte Again

They said that visitors who visited Leyte tend to come back again, as what Gen. Douglas MacArthur said when he landed in Leyte, “I Shall Return”.

Yes, that’s true, i returned to Leyte. Last December 10-14, 2012, i was invited as one of the accreditor at Leyte Normal University. This is my second time to visit LNU, the first time was during my acreditor’s training. But during that time, i have not yet created my blog, and i was not able to tour around Tacloban that time.

I came here for official business, which is to serve as accreditor so i take some little tour around the city, and LNU also give us a short visit to their historical places.

Here are some places i have visited:

Santo Niño Shrine (Romualdez Museum)

The Sto. Niño Shrine (Romualdez Museum) in Tacloban City, the Santo Niño Shrine is one of the 29 presidential rest houses that the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos had built.

Tacloban Convention Center

The Tacloban Metropolitan Arena, better known popularly as Tacloban City Convention Center, is a 5,000-seat indoor arena located in Tacloban City. It was built at a cost of 200 million pesos in 2006 and is used primarily for basketball, concerts, regional events and other conventions. It has also bars, restaurant and entertainment area in case you want to enjoy at night.

MacArthur Park Leyte

The MacArthur Landing Park at Palo Leyte, it dramatizes the landing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur on Read Beach with larger-than-life bronze statues of the General long with his entourage. This is one of the most famous landmark and tourist attraction of Tacloban.

Metropolitan Cathedral Palo Leyte

The Metropolitan Cathedral at Palo, Leyte. This was first constructed on 1596 under the direction of the Jesuits who founded Palo and also used for some time as their residence.

Leyte Cathedral

The municipality of Palo is considered as the seat of Catholicism of the province of Leyte.

San Juanico Bridge

Another famous attraction is the San Juanico Bridge which connects Leyte and Samar.

San Juanico Golf and Country Club

The San Juanico Golf and Country Club, located in Barangay Cabalawan, Tacloban City. The entrance fee is 20 php only. It has a wide golf course, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Condo-Hotel, a quite and peaceful area perfect for relaxation.

Tacloban City Hall

Got a chance to pass also the Tacoban City Hall and visit their information center to look for souvenir items.

Kevins Souvenir Shop Tacloban

But there’s this place, a souvenir shop in the downtown area beside BPI Tacloban, Kevins Souvenir Shop. You can find souvenir items here such as, T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Cups, Bags, and Key Chains.

Tacloban Souvenir Shop at Kevins

Tacloban is not really a high class city compared to Cebu or Manila, but what i noticed is that people are so disciplined especially in following the traffic lights and crossing the streets.

Tacloban City

Tacloban is also known for it delicious lechon, in fact there is a street where in lechon are sold. I also like their famous delicacy binagol, a sticky food placed in a coconut shell and wrapped with banana leaves, and moron, it has a piece of choco rolled and wrapped in banana leaves.

Tacloban Leyte Lechon

Tacloban Binagol and Moron Delicacy

I got to witness their presentation of their famous Kuratsa, the Waray Waray Courtship Dance, i enjoyed watching the presentation.

Kuratsa Waray Waray Dance

Just like other cities, you can also see their fast foods like Jollibee, McDo, and Chowking. They have also Robinsons Mall, Gaisano, supermarkets, and major banks. The mode of transportation is jeepney and multicab and the fare is 8.00 php, while tricyle is 7.00 php. What i attracted most it this unique pedicab.

Tacloban Pedicab

Common Waray words i have learned:

Maupay nga aga – Good Morning
Maupay nga kulop – Good Afternoon
Maupay nga Gab-i – Good Evening
Mahusay – Beautiful/Pretty
Karuyag ko ikaw – I Like You
Ginhihigugma ko ikaw – I Love You
Hin-o – Who
Hain/Diin – Where
Alayon – Please

How to get to Tacloban City:

Tacloban City has a Doemstic Airport, although its kinda small, but it caters flight to Manila and Iloilo, just check other scheduled flight with local carriers.

From Cebu City, you will ride a fast craft going to Ormoc, and take a bus or van going to Tacloban.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Good Day,

    im the owner of the souvenir shop that you have visited and the store that you have taken a photo of, we would like to thank you for visitng our place and having the time to take a picture of it especially mentioning us. Again thank you so much feel free to visit our stall also at Robinsons Place Tacloban and at the Oriental Hotel in Macarthur Park Many thanks.


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