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Excursions in Antigua and Barbuda

Discover the best excursions in Antigua and Barbuda! Explore tropical adventures, historical tours, and beach escapes. Book your unforgettable island experience now!
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Guided tours in Antigua and Barbuda

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Trinity Barker

We had an absolutely amazing time on our Antigua excursion! Our guide was knowledgeable and made sure we saw all the historical sites. The blend of culture and breathtaking scenery was perfect. Definitely a highlight of our trip!

Alvin Keller

The Barbuda day trip exceeded all our expectations. The pink sand beach was absolutely stunning and felt like a slice of paradise. The staff were so friendly, and the boat ride was smooth and enjoyable. Can't recommend this enough!

Frederick Barker

Our family's adventure through the rainforest was unforgettable. The zip-lining experience through the lush canopy was exhilarating, and the guides ensured safety and fun for everyone. This is a must-do for thrill-seekers!

Felicity Rowe

The snorkeling tour around Cades Reef was a dream come true. We've never seen such a diversity of marine life. The crystal-clear waters and the professional guide made this experience one for the books. We will cherish these memories forever!

Lia Marsh

Exploring the historical sites of Antigua with our guide was incredibly informative and enjoyable. The rich history came alive through the stories and the architecture of the forts we visited. It's a wonderful way to learn and have fun!

Liv Callahan

Taking the catamaran cruise at sunset was the most romantic experience of our trip. The crew was fantastic, the views were breathtaking, and the atmosphere was just magical. Truly an evening we will never forget.

Nova Vazquez

We just loved the circumnavigation tour of Antigua! Seeing the entire coastline from the water was awe-inspiring, and the crew made sure everyone had a great time. It's the best way to appreciate the island's beauty.

Milana Liu

The kayaking and snorkeling eco tour was a highlight during our stay. We got up close with nature and learned so much about the local ecosystems. The guides were passionate and really made the experience special. A big thumbs up for this adventure!

Leroy Burns

Our visit to Stingray City was phenomenal! The chance to swim and feed the stingrays in their natural habitat was an unparalleled experience. The staff were so friendly and ensured our safety and enjoyment throughout. It's a unique activity that shouldn't be missed!

Dante Koch

The culinary tour organized by experts was a delicious journey through Antigua's cuisine. We tasted a variety of local dishes and learned about the culinary traditions of the island. It was a feast for the senses and a delight for any food lover!