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Excursions in Buenos Aires

Discover the vibrant heart of Argentina with our curated Buenos Aires excursions. Explore tango, culture, and cuisine on unforgettable tours. Book now!

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Best places to visit in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the bustling capital of Argentina, is a city where the passion of tango, the aroma of asado, and the vibrant colors of street art form the essence of daily life. This majestic metropolis is infused with a rich history, European-influenced architecture, and an endless list of places to explore. For those looking to experience the city with a trusted companion, Happytripz offers curated excursions tailored to showcase the heart and soul of Buenos Aires. Here are some of the best spots to add to your itinerary.

Recoleta Cemetery

A visit to Recoleta Cemetery is an exploration of Argentina's history etched in stone and marble. This labyrinth of elaborate mausoleums and statues is the resting place of many notable figures, including Eva Perón. Wander through the elaborate walkways, and let the tranquility and artistry of this iconic cemetery envelop you.

La Boca Neighborhood

Vividly painted houses line the streets of the energetic and historical neighborhood of La Boca. Known for its working-class roots and as the birthplace of tango, La Boca's heart beats strongest along the pedestrian street of Caminito, where artists sell their crafts and tango dancers perform amidst vibrant surroundings. For a deeper dive into this colorful community, Happytripz can arrange authentic local experiences.

The Teatro Colón

For lovers of performing arts, the Teatro Colón is an architectural gem not to be missed. Recognized as one of the finest opera houses in the world, this majestic theatre boasts impeccable acoustics and an opulent interior. Book a guided tour or, better yet, attend a live performance to truly appreciate its grandeur.

San Telmo Market

No visit to Buenos Aires would be complete without experiencing the bustling San Telmo Market. Sundays here are a spectacle of antiques, artisanal crafts, and street performers, turning the neighborhood into a cultural feast. Happytripz can guide you through the maze of vendors, ensuring you find the perfect souvenirs and local treats.

The Palermo Neighborhood

Palermo, with its fashionable boutiques, trendy bars, and beautiful parks, is a must-see for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. The area is divided into several sub-neighborhoods such as Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, each with its own unique character. For an excellent overview, Happytripz will seamlessly introduce you to the best spots for dining, shopping, and relaxing in this chic part of the city.

  • El Ateneo Grand Splendid: Once a theater, now an extravagant bookstore, it's a literary haven for book lovers. You can spend hours sifting through shelves under the ornate theater ceiling.
  • The Rose Garden Walk (Paseo del Rosedal): An idyllic outdoor space located within the larger Parque Tres de Febrero, it's perfect for a leisurely stroll or a romantic getaway in the city.
  • Puerto Madero: Stroll along the revamped docks of this upscale area. It's also where you can visit the majestic sailing ship, the Fragata Sarmiento.

Whether you're soaking up the sophisticated European vibe, engaging with local porteños culture, or simply reveling in the dynamic rhythm of its streets, Buenos Aires captivates travellers from around the globe. Allow Happytripz to be your guide, ensuring a journey filled with memories to last a lifetime. Each excursion details can be tailored to personal interests, making the most of this extraordinary city. Step into the embrace of Buenos Aires, and let its charm sweep you off your feet.

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based on 7244 reviews

Paris Hester

The Evita Peron Tour was remarkable! Our guide was knowledgeable and truly passionate about Argentine history. They made the experience interactive and our group was completely engaged. It has definitely been the highlight of my Buenos Aires trip!

Tori Santos

Discovering the vibrant street art in La Boca with an expert guide was inspirational. Their insights into the neighborhood's history and the artists' backgrounds enriched the experience. It was an unforgettable walk through an open-air art gallery!

Brayden Valencia

The Tigre Delta River Cruise was a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The tranquil waters and lush scenery offered a serene experience. Friendly staff and the delicious snacks provided were a delightful bonus.

Sullivan Leblanc

Experiencing the local tango scene was thrilling! The intimate venue and skilled dancers transported us to another era. The lesson before the show was fun and inclusive, making us all feel like true porteños by the end of the night.

Kamryn Love

Our day trip to the pampas to see the traditional gaucho life was a real treat. The horseback riding and BBQ lunch felt truly authentic. Immersing ourselves in the Argentine countryside culture was both educational and enjoyable.

Landon Cole

I'll never forget the culinary walking tour! Each stop showcased the best of Argentine cuisine, paired with the perfect wine. The guides were friendly and full of fun anecdotes that made every dish even more memorable.

Paulina Blanchard

As a football fan, visiting La Bombonera was a dream come true. The passion from the guide was evident as they shared stories of legendary matches and players. The atmosphere in the stadium, even without a game, was electrifying.

Nora Graves

The architectural tour around Buenos Aires gave us an in-depth look at the city's diverse styles, from colonial to Art Nouveau. The guide was incredibly informative, offering insights that you'd never get from a guidebook.

Anika Farrell

Marveling at the sunset over the Puerto Madero bridge was magical. Our guide ensured we arrived at the perfect time to capture stunning photos and provided interesting facts about the area's transformation from docks to a chic district.

Daniella Pena

Our night at a closed-door restaurant was exquisite - it felt like being part of an exclusive Buenos Aires secret. The food was gourmet perfection, and the intimate setting made for a truly special dining experience.