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Excursions in Australia

Discover the best excursions in Australia! Explore iconic landmarks, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife with our expert-guided tours. Book your adventure today!
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Guided tours in Australia

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Kimora Holland

Just came back from the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling trip, and I'm already planning my next visit! The underwater world was mesmerizing with vibrant corals and playful fish. The instructors were knowledgeable and made safety a priority, which put my mind at ease. A truly unforgettable experience!

Ryland Jensen

Recently did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb and it didn't disappoint! The views of the Opera House and the harbour were absolutely breathtaking. The guides were very professional and shared interesting facts throughout the climb. Highly recommend this exhilarating adventure!

Mylah Steele

The Daintree Rainforest tour was a highlight of my trip to Australia. Walking among ancient trees and spotting exotic wildlife was an experience I will cherish forever. The guides were incredibly informative, adding depth to what we were seeing. I learned so much about this precious ecosystem.

Yehuda Berg

I had an incredible time surfing at Bondi Beach. As a beginner, the instructors were patient and encouraging. I caught my first wave and was hooked! It was amazing to surf at one of Australia's most iconic beaches. A must-do for anyone visiting Sydney.

Nicholas Orr

The Uluru sunset tour was a spiritual experience. Watching the rock change colors as the sun dipped below the horizon was a sight to behold. The cultural stories shared by the guide gave me a profound respect for this sacred place. This trip touched my soul deeply.

Aarya Steele

My family and I went on the Kangaroo Island wildlife adventure. Seeing koalas, kangaroos, and echidnas in their natural habitat was a joy for both the kids and adults. The guide was friendly and provided lots of fun facts. It was a fantastic way to connect with nature.

Mason Chang

The desert camel tour was unique and peaceful. Traversing the red sands while on the back of a camel at sunset was something I'll tell stories about for years to come. The staff ensured everyone was comfortable and safe throughout the journey.

Judson Jones

Embarking on the Melbourne Hot Air Balloon ride was an experience like no other. Floating over the city landscapes and watching the sunrise was serene and magical. The crew was professional and the champagne breakfast afterwards was a delightful finish to a perfect morning.

Yusuf Solomon

The penguin parade on Phillip Island exceeded all expectations. Seeing the little penguins waddle ashore at dusk was absolutely charming. The platform provided great views without disturbing the penguins, and the rangers were full of interesting insights about the colony.

Aarya Berger

The wine tour in the Barossa Valley, offered by Happytripz, was a gourmet’s dream. The selection of vineyards was excellent, each offering a unique taste of the region's specialties. Our guide was an expert in oenology, making the experience both educational and pleasurable. Cheers to a day well spent amidst the vines!