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Excursions in Azerbaijan

Discover the best excursions in Azerbaijan! Explore ancient cities, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures with our expert-guided tours. Book your adventure now!
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Guided tours in Azerbaijan

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Denver York

An unforgettable experience! The Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape excursion took us back thousands of years, allowing us to marvel at ancient petroglyphs and stunning mud volcanoes. The guide was knowledgeable and passionate about the history which really enhanced the experience.

Mordechai Adams

I joined the Baku city tour and was thoroughly impressed with the seamless blend of old and new architecture. Walking through the Old City was like stepping back in time, and the modern Flame Towers were a spectacular sight at night.

Adrianna Jacobson

Venturing out into the Caucasus Mountains was a highlight of my trip to Azerbaijan. The landscape is awe-inspiring and the local mountain village hospitality gave a heartwarming touch to the journey. The tour was well-organized and the guide's storytelling made each stop along the way memorable.

Dilan Yang

Experiencing the 'Fire Mountain' Yanar Dag and the historical temple Ateshgah was spectacular. I was amazed to learn about the natural gas fires and the history of fire worship in the region. The guide provided excellent background information which really brought the sights to life.

Mack Vincent

The Khan's Palace in Sheki was a revelation, beautifully preserved with stunning frescoes and shebeke windows. The excursion included a stop at a local sweet shop too, which was a delightful treat!

Autumn Wood

I cannot recommend the food and walking tour of Baku enough. Sampling the local cuisine while exploring hidden corners of the city made for a delicious adventure. The guides were friendly and had a deep understanding of Azerbaijani culinary traditions.

Ashley Wade

During our trip to Quba, we were enchanted by the scenery and the rustic charm of the village of Khinalug. Sitting at over 2,300 meters, the panoramic views were breathtaking. The excursion was well-planned with ample time to explore and connect with local traditions.

Fatima Mathis

The wine tour to the vineyards of Ganja was a delightful surprise. Not only was the wine tasting exceptional, but learning about the ancient winemaking traditions in Azerbaijan added so much depth to the experience.

Valeria Marin

The historical tour to the ancient city of Qabala provided an insightful journey through Azerbaijan's rich history. Seeing the old ruins and learning about past civilizations was fascinating and thoughtfully presented by the experienced guides.

Juan Prince

Our excursion to the mud volcanoes was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had. The surreal landscape felt like another planet and getting to see the volcanoes up close was incredibly exciting. Our guide from the tour company ensured we had a safe and enjoyable adventure.