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Excursions in La Paz

Discover the best excursions in La Paz! Explore breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique wildlife with our expert-guided tours. Book your adventure today!

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Best places to visit in La Paz

Nestled high in the Andes mountains, La Paz is a city of unique charms and breathtaking scenery. This Bolivian capital city is not only rich in cultural heritage but also offers an array of adventures for the intrepid traveler. Whether one is seeking historical knowledge or the rush of adrenaline, La Paz does not disappoint. Below are some of the very best places to enrich your travel itinerary, and should you wish to delve deeply into what this city offers, our company Happytripz is here to provide you with unforgettable excursions.

  • Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)
    Unlike any other landscape, Valle de la Luna truly transports you to another world. The area's stunning clay formations, created by erosion over centuries, resemble the lunar surface, hence its name. Its peculiar and almost eerie beauty makes it a must-visit. This geological wonder is located just a short drive from the city center and can easily be explored by foot. Find Valle de la Luna here.
  • Witches' Market (Mercado de las Brujas)
    The Witches’ Market offers an intriguing insight into Andean traditions and mystic practices. It’s an unusual sight; vendors sell an assortment of herbs, remedies, and even dried llama fetuses traditionally used in Bolivian rituals. A stroll here shows a side of La Paz that thrives on ancient beliefs blending in with daily life. Learn more about the Witches' Market.
  • Calle Jaén
    This enchanting street is a well-preserved colonial gem with some of the best museums in La Paz. The colorful buildings and cobblestone road create a magical atmosphere. Located here are several small museums, art galleries, and cafes worth exploring as you take a step back in time.
  • San Francisco Church
    The San Francisco Church, with its blend of colonial and indigenous architectural styles, stands as a monument of Bolivian history and culture. The church plaza is a vibrant meeting place where tourists and locals alike come to gaze at the intricate façade and enjoy the urban buzz of the city. The church and its adjoining museum are well worth the visit. Check out San Francisco Church location.
  • Chacaltaya Ski Resort
    Once the world’s highest ski resort, the glacier has now sadly receded, but Chacaltaya boasts stunning views of the surrounding Andes and serves as a primo spot for high-elevation trekking. A journey here is a journey to the skies, as you'll be over 5,300 meters above sea level.
  • Mirador Killi Killi
    For one of the best panoramic views in La Paz, the lookout point of Mirador Killi Killi is unmissable. Happytripz recommends a visit during sunrise or sunset to capture La Paz in its full splendor, as the city lights begin to twinkle like a starry sky below.
  • Mi Teleférico
    La Paz’s public cable car system, Mi Teleférico, is itself an attraction providing an unrivaled view of the cityscape. Hop on this urban gondola for a scenic and convenient way to explore various parts of the city from the sky.

Whatever your interest, La Paz offers something special for every visitor, and Happytripz is here to guide you every step of the way. From the bustling street markets to the serenity of the high-altitude Andes, our knowledgeable guides will take you on an adventure that perfectly embodies the spirit of this extraordinary city.

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Hazel McPherson

What a day to remember! The La Paz excursion exceeded all of my expectations. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring everyone had a memorable time. From the breathtaking landscapes to the crystal-clear waters we explored, everything was well-organized and simply perfect. Highly recommend for those seeking adventure and culture!

Aubrielle Conrad

Breathtaking views, thrilling activities, and the best local guides around made our La Paz excursion an unforgettable experience. We were a group of varied ages and everyone had something to enjoy. The trip was well-paced, safe, and full of fascinating insights into the natural beauty of the region.

Maximo Watts

Our excursion in La Paz was fantastic! We swam with sea lions and weaved through stunning underwater scenery. The team was incredibly professional, providing all the necessary equipment and guidance. The commitment to safety and enjoyment was evident throughout our adventure.

Alma Avery

The highlight of our La Paz trip was definitely the excursion. Diving with the majestic marine life was mind-blowing, and the guides were exemplary in their care and expertise. They managed to make everyone feel at ease and ensured that we all had the chance to enjoy every moment.

Alfredo Hudson

Discovering the hidden gems of La Paz was a dream come true. The day was flawlessly organized, from the transport to the activities. The staff made sure we made the most of our time, and their attention to detail was much appreciated. They truly went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience.

Winston Weeks

La Paz has stolen a piece of my heart, thanks to the incredible excursion organized by our amazing guides. Their passion and knowledge about the area shone through, making it not just fun, but also an educational outing. The memories will last a lifetime!

Tyler Vang

The La Paz excursion was the pinnacle of our vacation. Witnessing the sunset over the stunning landscape was magical. The tour was insightful and each stop more beautiful than the last. The balance of relaxation and activity was just right, leaving us energized and inspired.

Theo McDaniel

If you're looking for an immersive experience in La Paz, this is it! We had an absolute blast. The day was filled with laughter, discovery, and unforgettable sights. The organizers took care of every little detail, allowing us to completely immerse ourselves in the experience.

Emmie Dixon

La Paz's natural wonders were showcased beautifully on our excursion. As an avid birdwatcher, I was thrilled to see such a variety of species in their natural habitats. The guide was exceptionally accommodating, making sure we had plenty of time at each spot for observation and photos.

Ahmad Pennington

Exploring the marine life in La Paz through snorkeling was nothing short of amazing. The water was clear, the fish were plentiful, and the guide from the team of organizers was superb, ensuring our group had an informative and exciting outing. Perfect for anyone who loves a blend of adventure and nature.