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Mack Vincent

The Okavango Delta excursion was a mesmerizing journey into a world of azure waterways and lush landscapes. Our local guides were skilled and passionate, ensuring a safe and enchanting experience as we glided through the reeds, coming face to face with the abundant wildlife.

Mia Bonilla

Adventuring into the Chobe National Park, the diversity of animals was astounding. With elephants casually crossing our paths and lions lounging in the shade, the safari was a thrilling spectacle of nature's wonders, making it an unforgettable part of our Botswana adventure.

Virginia Herrera

I had the most thrilling time exploring the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The stark beauty of the landscape under a vast sky was surreal. Stargazing at night without any light pollution was a highlight I'll cherish forever. Our guide's knowledge about the stars made the experience even more fascinating.

Wayne McIntyre

The journey to Tsodilo Hills offered an enriching glimpse into the ancient cultures of Botswana. The rock paintings were striking, and our guide's storytelling brought the history of this sacred place to life with profound respect and insight.

Rose Arellano

Our mobile camping safari was a genuine out-of-Africa experience. To sleep under the stars amidst the sounds of the wild and wake up to the serenity of the African sunrise was absolutely magical. Everything was well organized, ensuring a comfortable and mesmerizing stay in the bush.

Landon Cole

Experiencing the grandeur of the Moremi Game Reserve has been a dream come true. The vibrant wildlife sightings were second to none. Each game drive felt like being in a documentary, witnessing the circle of life firsthand. The easy-going yet knowledgeable staff made sure our experience was as educational as it was thrilling.

Brynleigh Williams

Exploring the Kalahari Desert was an adventure of a lifetime. The dramatic landscapes were home to unique wildlife and the cultural encounter with the San people enriched my understanding of human resilience and harmony with nature.

Mikaela Lamb

With Happytripz, our river cruise on the Chobe River was simply fantastic. Their attention to detail and the comfort they provided added a touch of luxury to the wild experience. Sighting crocodiles, hippos, and an array of birds while sipping on a cool drink was divine!

Jayceon Suarez

The guided walking safari in the Linyanti witnessed the untouched beauty of Botswana on foot. The skill of our guide to track and navigate the bush was impressive, making us feel safe while we delved deep into the habitat of this remarkable ecosystem.

Francis Hammond

Embarking on a mokoro trip through the serene waterways was a highlight of my Botswana journey. The tranquility of drifting past elegant water lilies while wildlife grazed on the banks was a soothing contrast to the usual hustle of life.