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Excursions in Brunei Darussalam

Discover the hidden gems of Brunei with our exclusive excursions. Explore lush rainforests, majestic mosques, and serene water villages. Book your adventure today!
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Guided tours in Brunei Darussalam

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Kataleya Burnett

Venturing into the heart of Ulu Temburong National Park was the highlight of my trip to Brunei! The pristine rainforest and the canopy walk allowing breathtaking views at sunrise were incredible. The guides were knowledgeable and really added to the experience with their insights into the local ecosystem.

Isaac Noble

Brunei's water village, Kampong Ayer, was a charming and enlightening experience. The boat ride was smooth and provided a unique perspective on local life. Our guide was both friendly and informative, enlightening us on the history and culture of the area.

Miley Huff

The night safari tour in Brunei was absolutely exhilarating! Spotting nocturnal wildlife in their natural habitat while traversing through the jungle was unforgettable. The tour guides were professionals who ensured our safety and maximized our chances of wildlife sightings.

Bentlee Hurst

A visit to the Royal Regalia Museum was an exquisite look into Brunei's royal heritage. The magnificent collection of artifacts and the grandeur of the ceremonial regalia were impressive. The tour was well-organized, with informative displays providing context to each exhibit.

Oakley Norton

The adventurous escapade to the mangroves in search of proboscis monkeys did not disappoint! The tour guide was patient and had a keen eye for wildlife, making the experience both educational and exciting. Seeing these unique creatures in the wild was truly special.

Dakota Heath

With Happytripz, our excursion to the Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque was not only a visual feast but also a heartwarming spiritual experience. The mosque's stunning architecture and the serenity within its walls were captivating. Our guide provided deep insights into the Islamic faith, which enhanced the visit significantly.

Julianna Gordon

Our journey to the lush Jerudong Park Garden was a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle. The well-manicured gardens and quiet walking paths offered a peaceful retreat. The park staff was hospitable, and the facilities were immaculately maintained.

Mina Sutton

The guided culinary tour through the local markets was a feast for the senses! We tasted a myriad of Brunei's traditional delicacies and learned about the local ingredients and cooking methods. The guide was charismatic and shared personal stories that enriched the cultural experience.

Leland Wong

Snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters off Pelong Rocks was an aquatic wonderland adventure. The marine life was diverse, and the coral formations were otherworldly. Our instructor ensured we were comfortable with our gear, making the experience pleasant for both novice and experienced snorkelers.

Elianna Rosales

On our eco-tour to Tasek Lama Recreational Park, our Happytripz guide's passion for nature was infectious. The trekking trails ranged from easy to challenging, catering to all fitness levels. The serene waterfall and panoramic views of Brunei's capital made it a day to remember.