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Excursions in Sal

Discover the beauty of Sal with our guided excursions. Explore stunning beaches, vibrant wildlife, and local culture. Book your Sal adventure today!

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Best Places to Visit in Sal

When the whispers of wanderlust beckon you to the shores of Cape Verde, the island of Sal emerges as a beacon of sun-drenched adventures. This island, a gem in the Atlantic Ocean, is a paradise for beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and culture seekers alike. As you plan your itinerary, consider Happytripz as your trusted companion for excursions that promise to enrich your experience on this enchanting isle.

Shimmering Shores of Santa Maria

The coastal town of Santa Maria is the pulsating heart of Sal, where the golden sands meet the azure waters of the Atlantic. Here, the beach is not just a place but a vibrant experience. You can spend your days basking in the sun, or for the more adventurous, diving into the world beneath the waves. Happytripz offers guided snorkeling tours that reveal the colorful marine life that thrives here. Find your way to this beach haven on Google Maps.

Salinas de Pedra de Lume

For a touch of natural wonder, the Salinas de Pedra de Lume is a must-visit. Nestled inside an extinct volcano crater, these salt flats are not only a significant part of Sal's history but also offer a unique floating experience due to the high salt concentration. Learn more about this fascinating site on Wikipedia.

Buracona - The Blue Eye

Another marvel that Sal proudly boasts is Buracona, also known as "The Blue Eye." This natural pool is a spectacle to behold when the sunlight hits the water just right, creating a mesmerizing blue glow. Happytripz can guide you to this spot, ensuring you arrive at the perfect time to witness this natural phenomenon. Peek at the location here: Google Maps.

Whether it's the allure of the beaches, the history etched in its salt mines, or the natural beauty of its landscapes, Sal offers a plethora of experiences. With Happytripz, your journey through these wonders will be seamless, leaving you with memories that are as vivid as the Sal Island sunsets. So pack your bags, and let's set sail for an unforgettable adventure in Sal!

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Adrianna Wyatt

Just returned from an unforgettable journey exploring Sal's hidden gems. The crew went above and beyond, ensuring we saw the most breathtaking landscapes. Their knowledge of the island's secret spots made our adventure truly unique.

Lilah Dennis

Our day trip was nothing short of amazing. From the friendly staff to the well-planned itinerary, every aspect was top-notch. The highlight was definitely snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, where we were surrounded by vibrant marine life.

Aniyah Brewer

Happytripz made our excursion to Sal's volcanic landscapes an experience to remember. The attention to detail and the passion of our guide for the island's natural beauty were apparent. The hike to the crater was a highlight, offering panoramic views you have to see to believe.

Cal Paul

Exploring the salt flats with our knowledgeable guide was a highlight of our trip. The tour was well-organized, educational, and, most importantly, fun. The sunset over the salt flats will forever be etched in our memories.

Jadiel Campos

Our adventure to the local markets and cultural sites provided an authentic glimpse into Sal's vibrant culture. The tour was the perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion, making it an enriching experience. The guides were friendly and genuinely passionate about sharing their love for the island.