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Mohammed Marshall

My excursion to the Arenal Volcano with our exceptional guide was truly a highlight of my Costa Rica trip! The breathtaking scenery, the adventure-filled hike, and the relaxing hot springs afterwards were perfectly organized. The professional and engaging staff made the experience even more enjoyable.

Giovanni Malone

The Monteverde Cloud Forest tour was an unforgettable journey into a lush ecosystem brimming with amazing wildlife and plant species. The suspension bridges offered a unique perspective, and the guides were incredibly knowledgeable about the biodiversity that makes this place so special.

Salem Gutierrez

Zip-lining through the Costa Rican rainforest was an exhilarating experience that I can't recommend enough. The views were spectacular, the adrenaline rush was unforgettable, and the safety measures provided by our guides gave us peace of mind to fully enjoy the adventure.

Maci Huffman

Our day trip to Tortuguero National Park was a magical experience; spotting turtles, colorful frogs, and a variety of birds was captivating. The boat tour through the canals was serene and informative, thanks to our fantastic guide who shared so much about the local wildlife.

Abdiel Haley

I joined the whitewater rafting adventure, and it was a thrill from start to finish! The rapids were wild but felt totally safe under the watchful eye of our expert instructors. The gorgeous river scenery and camaraderie with fellow rafters made the experience even more memorable.

Rafael McDaniel

With Happytripz, the Manuel Antonio National Park tour was luxurious and well-coordinated. The blend of stunning beaches, the hike amidst diverse wildlife, and the gourmet lunch with ocean views was beyond what I had expected. Their attention to detail made the day flawless.

Leonard Vincent

Our cultural tour of local Costa Rican villages was enriching and authentic. Learning about traditional crafts, sampling delicious cuisine, and interacting with welcoming locals gave us a deeper appreciation for the country's heritage.

Treasure Wise

I was blown away by the beauty of the Rio Celeste during our guided hike. The striking turquoise waters and the surrounding rainforest felt like stepping into a fairytale. Our guide's narrative on the area's ecology added an educational touch to a visually stunning tour.

Alfred Kent

Snorkeling in the coral reefs off the coast was a dream come true. The waters were clear, the variety of fish was impressive, and the equipment provided was top-notch. It was an underwater paradise that I feel so lucky to have explored.

Valentino Lam

Happytripz organized an exceptional coffee plantation tour that was both enlightening and fun. Seeing the coffee-making process from bean to cup, while surrounded by the beautiful Costa Rican countryside, was an experience I'd definitely sign up for again. Their friendly and informative guides make all the difference!