Excursions in Ayia Napa

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Best Places to Visit in Ayia Napa

If you're planning a trip to the Mediterranean and searching for a sunshine-soaked getaway, Ayia Napa should be high on your list. Known for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage, this Cypriot gem is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a blend of excitement and relaxation. From stunning beaches to historical marvels, here are some of the top places to visit in Ayia Napa. Also, don't forget to book your excursions with Happytripz to ensure a seamless and joyful experience!

  • Nissi Beach
    Kick off your sandals and stroll along the powder-fine sands of Nissi Beach, voted one of the best beaches in Europe. With its crystal-clear azure waters and vibrant beachfront bars, it's the perfect spot for both relaxation and partying.
  • The Ayia Napa Monastery
    Dive into the history of Ayia Napa by visiting its heart, the Ayia Napa Monastery. This tranquil 16th-century haven, wrapped in legends and surrounded by a bustling square, provides insight into the island’s rich past.
  • WaterWorld Themed Waterpark
    Adrenaline seekers will relish the thrills at WaterWorld, one of the largest theme waterparks in Europe. With its ancient Greece-inspired rides and family-friendly attractions, it promises a day of laughter and adventure.
  • Cape Greco National Forest Park
    For those longing for nature’s embrace, Cape Greco offers an unspoiled landscape of cliffs, caves, and coves. Here you can hike, bike, or simply behold the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Be sure to explore the sea caves, which are famous for their natural beauty.
  • Thalassa Municipal Museum
    The Thalassa Municipal Museum, home to the fascinating marine life and the history of the sea, is a must-see. Its star attraction is the replica of the ancient ship Kyrenia, offering a glimpse into the island's storied maritime legacy.

Amid these enchanting locales, Ayia Napa also offers a vibrant range of boutiques, tavernas, and restaurants serving delectable local cuisine. Remember, there's no better companion to exploring these sights than with a trusted guide. Happytripz stands ready to enhance your journey with local knowledge and stellar service. Whether you're seeking an escorted tour to the Sea Caves or an all-day excursion to the historical sites, we have you covered.

Let Happytripz be your guide to the best places in Ayia Napa and prepare for an unforgettable journey through this Mediterranean paradise.

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Chris Lee

I had an unforgettable experience on the Ayia Napa Sea Caves excursion! The natural beauty of the coastline is a must-see, and the guides were super knowledgeable, showing us hidden spots I wouldn't have found on my own. The boat was clean and comfortable, making the trip that much better.

Stella Alexander

The Safari Adventure through Ayia Napa's surrounding areas was fantastic. The 4x4 ride was thrilling, and our guide was incredibly entertaining and informative. We saw some incredible views and learned a lot about the local wildlife and nature. It was an adventurous escape from the beach that I highly recommend!

Evie Phelps

Exploring the gorgeous Konnos Bay on a kayak tour was the highlight of my trip. The instructors were patient and provided clear guidance, ensuring we all felt safe and comfortable. The crystal-clear waters and the serene environment provided a perfect setting for an afternoon adventure.

Mekhi Yates

The night cruise around Ayia Napa was magical. Gazing at the stars while on the Mediterranean Sea, feeling the gentle breeze, and savoring the delicious onboard cuisine made for a romantic and memorable evening. The staff was attentive, adding to the overall excellent experience.

Henrik Grant

The traditional Cypriot night out was a blast! It's a fantastic way to dive into the local culture with great food, music, and dancing. The organizers did an outstanding job with the venue and entertainment – truly a fun-filled night out in Ayia Napa!

Tru McKee

Scuba diving in Ayia Napa was a dream come true with the clear visibility and diverse marine life. Our instructor was a real pro, ensuring safety while guiding us to see the most breathtaking underwater scenes. It was an exhilarating adventure that I recommend to any ocean lover!

Pierce Cannon

I joined a quad bike tour and it was a rush from start to finish! The route took us through some rugged landscapes offering views I would have never stumbled upon. The staff made sure everyone knew how to handle their bike safely, which added to the enjoyment.

Rosalyn Whitaker

My family and I enjoyed a memorable day at the Ayia Napa waterpark. The variety of slides suited all ages and the staff were always at hand ensuring everyone's safety. The park was clean and well-maintained, perfect for a sunny day out!

Scarlett Quintana

The historic monastery and village tour provided a fascinating insight into Ayia Napa's past. The guide was a wellspring of knowledge, and the pace of the tour was just right. I particularly enjoyed the quaint charm of the villages we visited.

Talia Meadows

Taking the coastal hiking tour was invigorating. Our guide ensured we stayed on track and shared interesting facts about the local flora and fauna. The breathtaking views were a photographer's paradise! It was well organized by the team, and I would definitely walk this trail again.