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Best places to visit in Sorrento

Perched over the sparkling Bay of Naples, the Italian town of Sorrento is a small slice of paradise famed for its picturesque landscapes, luxuriant gardens, and deep historical roots. Whether you're drawn to the allure of ancient architecture, the serenity of the Mediterranean, or the tantalizing tastes of Italian cuisine, Sorrento invites travelers with open arms. Before you pack your bags and head for this coastal jewel, let's talk about the unmissable spots to add to your itinerary. And when you're ready to turn these words into a reality, trust our company Happytripz to guide you through the finest excursions in Sorrento.

Marina Grande

  • Marina Grande, with its quaint fishing boats and charming restaurants, is the perfect spot to soak up local color and enjoy an authentic seafood meal. Stroll along the harbor, watch fishermen mend their nets, and capture the quintessentially Italian vibe of this enchanting seaside quarter.

Piazza Tasso

  • The bustling heart of Sorrento, Piazza Tasso, is flanked by historical buildings and lively cafés. Named after the Italian poet Torquato Tasso, the square serves as a focal point for both locals and tourists. Don't miss the evening passeggiata, an Italian tradition where everyone walks around the piazza to socialize and enjoy the atmosphere.

Correale di Terranova Museum

  • Art lovers should not skip the Correale di Terranova Museum, which displays a vast collection of Neapolitan painters' works, decorative arts, and exquisite European porcelains.

Vallone dei Mulini

  • For a glimpse into Sorrento’s natural wonders and a touch of eerie beauty, Vallone dei Mulini, or the Valley of the Mills, features an abandoned mill that once served the town's pasta production. Today, it provides a dramatic scene of nature's reclaiming of human structures.

The Cloisters of San Francesco

  • Nestled near the town center, The Cloisters of San Francesco offer peace and tranquility alongside a mix of architectural styles, from Arabian to medieval elements. This site is not only a spiritual retreat but also hosts art exhibitions and musical events, providing a cultural feast for its visitors.

Basilica di Sant’Antonino

  • Paying homage to Sorrento's patron saint, the Basilica di Sant'Antonino is a treasure trove of religious art and artifacts. Step inside to view the ornate altar and the crypt, which houses stories of the saint's life and miracles.

Embarking on a journey to Sorrento promises not just a tapestry of tourist spots but an intimate encounter with Italian heritage. When you feel the Mediterranean sun warm your skin, hear the waves lapping at the ancient cliffs, and inhale the zesty scent of lemons, remember that this is not just about the places you visit; it's an experience for the soul.

For those keen to delve deeper into Sorrento's embrace, Happytripz stands prepared to escort you through the vivid tapestry of experiences that await. Our tailored excursions are crafted to highlight the full spectrum of Sorrento's allure, ensuring your explorations are as bewitching as the town itself. From navigating the rolling hills to the lively city squares, Happytripz is your compass to discovering the true essence of this coastal wonder.

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Liana Martin

Discovering Sorrento with our guided tour was a dream come true. The coastal views were stunning, and the local knowledge of our guide brought the history and culture alive. They really went out of their way to make sure we had the best experience possible. Highly recommend!

Adalee Tang

Our day trip around Sorrento was nothing short of fabulous. The guide was friendly, informative, and truly passionate about their city. From beautiful architecture to delicious local cuisine, we were immersed in the magic of the place. The comfortable transport was a bonus too!

Dion Montoya

The boat excursion around Sorrento's coastline provided us with some of the most breathtaking views we've ever seen. The skipper was professional and the vessel was pristine. We even got to swim in a secluded cove. An unforgettable adventure!

Tristan Reid

An exquisite tour through the heart of Sorrento, showcasing all the cultural hotspots and hidden gems. The guide’s expertise and humorous anecdotes kept us engaged throughout the day. Definitely a highlight during our Italian getaway.

Jazlyn Little

The foodie tour we took around Sorrento gave us an authentic taste of local cuisine. The selection of eateries, the quality of the food, and the knowledge of regional specialties offered by our guide were unmatched. A must-do for any food lover!

Juliet Daniels

On our excursion, we were treated to spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast, ample time at each attraction, and comfortable transport throughout. The company's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was truly impressive.

Amani Cannon

With personalized attention and extensive knowledge, our walking tour guide made the streets of Sorrento come alive. Stopping at several landmarks, we learned so much about the vibrant history and culture. The pace was perfect for all ages in our group.

Riggs Maldonado

The night tour of Sorrento brought out a completely different vibe of the city. Charming streets lit up, giving the feel of a true Italian evening, and the guide's commentary was both informative and entertaining. An unexpectedly delightful way to spend an evening!

Brylee Landry

Our excursion to the picturesque farms surrounding Sorrento let us dive into the rural beauty of Italy. Tasting freshly produced cheese and olive oil was a highlight, and the guide’s friendly demeanor made it all the more enjoyable.

Talia Meadows

Immersing ourselves in Sorrento’s historical sites was a breeze with the expertise of our guide. They provided context to each monument, making the intricate past of these ruins come to life. Booking this tour was one of the best decisions we made during our trip!