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Best places to visit in Malaga

Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso and the doorway to Spain's Costa del Sol, is a city rich with cultural heritage and stunning geography. From its spirited festivals to its historic structures, the city truly provides something for every traveler. Let’s explore the must-visit spots in this Andalusian gem.

The Alcazaba is a formidable fortress that stands testament to Malaga's Moorish past. The climb up to this palatial citadel is rewarded with panoramic views of the city and shimmering coastline. As a major historical landmark, it houses beautiful gardens and fascinating museums within its walls. Here is where history buffs can immerse themselves in the remnants of ancient civilizations. (See on Google Maps)

Wandering through the heart of Malaga, one cannot miss the Cathedral of Malaga. Often referred to as 'La Manquita', or 'one-armed woman', due to its solitary tower, the cathedral is an impressive example of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Its ornate interior and peaceful atmosphere make for an enlightening experience that touches the soul.

For art aficionados, the Picasso Museum is a tribute to the city's most renowned son, Pablo Picasso. Located in the Buenavista Palace, an elegant building itself, the museum showcases a vast array of Picasso's works. The diverse collection spans his entire career, providing insights into his evolving style and mastery. While there, immerse yourself in the beauty of his portraits, landscapes, and sculptures that have captivated the world.

La Malagueta Beach is the place to bask in the sun and enjoy the Mediterranean's azure waters. This bustling urban beach offers an array of activities and is perfectly equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and delightful chiringuitos (beach bars) where you can savour fresh seafood.

Another sight not to be missed is the Atarazanas Market, a vibrant hub of local life where senses are treated to an array of sights, smells, and tastes. The market's stunning stained glass and 19th-century ironwork are just as delightful as the fresh produce on offer.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty of the Gibralfaro Castle, which looms over the city from its hilltop perch. Joined by a walkway to the Alcazaba, this fortress offers some of the best views of Malaga. The castle complex is surrounded by pine forests and is an ideal spot for a scenic hike. (Learn more on Wikipedia)

  • The Alcazaba
  • Cathedral of Malaga
  • Picasso Museum
  • La Malagueta Beach
  • Atarazanas Market
  • Gibralfaro Castle

These locations are merely a glimpse into the many wonders Malaga has to offer. Whether you're looking to dive into the culture, relax on the beach, or hike through historic ruins, Malaga is a treasure trove of experiences. And when planning your escapade through this enchanting city, consider enlisting the expertise of Happytripz for your excursions in Malaga. Our company offers tailored adventures that capture the essence of Malaga, ensuring you have an unforgettable journey through this Spanish paradise.

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Gavin Castillo

Our day trip from Malaga was truly unforgettable! The guide was incredibly knowledgeable and had a wonderful sense of humor which made the historical sites we visited even more engaging. The pace of the tour was perfect, allowing us plenty of time to explore and take photos.

Ariah Ford

I had an amazing time exploring the picturesque village of Mijas with the knowledgeable tour guides. Their passion for the region's history added so much depth to what could have just been a scenic outing. I feel like I really got to know the soul of this beautiful place.

Alexis Huynh

This excursion surpassed all my expectations! The breathtaking vistas of the Costa del Sol from the comfort of our coach were stunning. The team managing the tour were super organized and ensured the day ran smoothly from start to finish.

Isla Meadows

The tapas and wine tasting tour was a highlight of my Malaga trip. Our guide’s enthusiasm for Spanish cuisine was contagious, and I now have a newfound appreciation for local flavors and traditions. It was an educational yet delicious experience!

Evie Phelps

Taking the day trip to the Alhambra was a dream come true. The palace and gardens were spectacular, and our guide's storytelling brought the history of Granada to life. The service provided by the tour operators was exceptional — truly a top-notch experience.

Coen Robinson

Going on the Caminito del Rey tour was exhilarating! The guides were incredibly safety-conscious and provided great insights into the natural history of the area. This was an outdoor adventure I won't soon forget, and I'm grateful to the team for making it such a seamless experience.

Lena Morrow

What a fantastic wine country tour! The vineyards we visited were picturesque, and the wines themselves were simply divine. Our guide's expertise in viticulture made for a fascinating and educational trip, uncovering the rich winemaking traditions of the region.

Andrew Valentine

Dolphin watching from Malaga was a thrilling experience. The crew of the boat was friendly and seemed genuinely excited every time we spotted dolphins. Their respect for the marine life was apparent, making for a responsible and enjoyable excursion for all of us on board.

Isabelle Hurst

The guided night tour of Malaga's historic center was an enchanting experience. Our guide's stories of the past were captivating, bringing the ancient streets and monuments to life under the stars. The intimate atmosphere created a sense of wonder and intimacy with the city's history.

Larry Cross

A trip to Ronda with the views of the El Tajo gorge is a must-do! The natural beauty of the area is complemented by the depth of historical knowledge shared by the guides. I learned so much about Andalusian culture and left feeling a deep connection to the place.