Day Trips from Ushuaia

Explore the wonders of Ushuaia with our guided day trips! Discover the beauty of Patagonia and embark on unforgettable adventures just a short drive away. Start planning your next excursion now!

The Best Day Trips from Ushuaia

When you find yourself at the southernmost tip of South America, in the charming city of Ushuaia, you're perfectly positioned to embark on some of the most breathtaking day trips imaginable. Ushuaia, often referred to as the "End of the World," is not only a gateway to the Antarctic but also a hub for exploring the raw beauty of Tierra del Fuego. And who better to guide you through these adventures than Happytripz, your trusted companion in discovering the wonders of this region.

Explore Tierra del Fuego National Park

Just a stone's throw away from Ushuaia, the Tierra del Fuego National Park awaits with its stunning landscapes. Happytripz offers guided tours that will take you through the park's lush forests, along its serene lakes, and to the shores of the Beagle Channel. Keep your eyes peeled for the native foxes, beavers, and abundant birdlife.

Beagle Channel Boat Excursions

Set sail on the Beagle Channel, where the mountains plunge into the sea. Happytripz's boat excursions will lead you to remote lighthouses, seal colonies, and even the legendary Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Don't forget your camera to capture the colonies of Magellanic penguins on Martillo Island.

Martial Glacier Adventure

For those who crave a touch of winter magic, even in summer, the Martial Glacier offers a snowy retreat. A short drive from Ushuaia, Happytripz will escort you to the base of the glacier, where you can hike up or take the chairlift for panoramic views of the city and the Beagle Channel. Here's a map to the starting point of your glacier adventure.

  • Off-Road 4x4 Adventures: Happytripz's 4x4 tours will take you off the beaten path to discover hidden lakes and forests that few travelers get to see.
  • Gourmet Seafood Experience: Enjoy the freshest king crab and other local delicacies on a culinary day trip with Happytripz.
  • Lake Fagnano and Lake Escondido: Journey to these majestic lakes nestled in the Fuegian Andes. The views are simply unforgettable, and here's a map to Lake Fagnano to whet your appetite.

With Happytripz, your day trips from Ushuaia will be filled with wonder, excitement, and the kind of memories that last a lifetime. Each journey is carefully crafted to ensure you experience the very best of this wild and beautiful land. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your binoculars, and let Happytripz lead the way to adventure!

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Nolan Huynh

The boat trip on the Beagle Channel was breathtaking, with stunning views of the mountains and wildlife.

Aliana Snow

Visiting Tierra del Fuego National Park from Ushuaia was an unforgettable experience, highly recommended!

Dion Montoya

The train at the end of the world offers a unique perspective on Ushuaia's history and beautiful landscapes.

Emersyn Ali

A day trip to Martillo Island was amazing, getting up close with the penguins is a must-do!

Braylen Savage

Exploring the lakes and forests by 4x4 was an exhilarating way to see the natural beauty around Ushuaia.