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Sightseeing excursions in Innsbruck

Discover the beauty of Innsbruck with our sightseeing excursions. Explore the stunning landmarks, breathtaking views, and rich history of this charming Austrian city. Book your adventure now!

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What you will see in Innsbruck during a Sightseeing tour

If you’re someone who adores the mix of alpine serenity and urban sophistication, Innsbruck in Austria is a symphony written just for your senses. As you embark on a sightseeing tour of this historical city cradled in the Tyrolean Alps, your days will be filled with an array of breathtaking vistas, architectural marvels, and cultural hubs that teem with life. From the splendor of the mountains to its majestic landmarks, Innsbruck offers a picturesque adventure at every turn.

Historic Old Town (Altstadt)

Prepare to stroll through the cobblestone alleys of the Altstadt, where medieval splendor converges with contemporary comforts. Here, the famous landmark, the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl), bedecked with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles, will captivate your gaze. This emblem of the city, adorned in the year 1500 to mark the wedding of Emperor Maximilian I, is a must-see and a perfect spot for a memorable photo.

Imperial Palace (Hofburg) and Court Church (Hofkirche)

As your adventure continues, you will be guided to the Imperial Palace, known as Hofburg, which is one of the three most significant cultural buildings in Austria. This palace, with roots tracing back to the Gothic era, underwent a Baroque transformation that speaks volumes of its royal heritage. Just a stone’s throw away, the Court Church, or Hofkirche, houses the cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian I, which is surrounded by 28 magnificent bronze statues that stand as silent guards to his memory. This region's rich history is encapsulated within these sacred walls.

The Nordkette Range

Looking for a rendezvous with Mother Nature? Delight in the awe-inspiring views from the Nordkette Range, part of Austria’s largest nature park, the Karwendel Nature Park. Reachable by a funicular from the city center, it only takes 20 minutes to transport from the urban charm to the heart of the alps. Check out the higher altitude terrains where you’ll find visitors skiing in the winter or hiking during the summer months.

Bergisel Ski Jump

Sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to visit the Bergisel Ski Jump. An architectural masterpiece, this ski jump is not only a venue for international sporting events but also affords a panoramic terrace that provides a 360-degree view of Innsbruck and the surrounding peaks.

Swarovski Crystal World

A short ride from Innsbruck will take you to a sparkling fantasy land, the Swarovski Crystal World. Its curious chambers of wonder, crafted by artists and designers from around the world, present a crystal experience that transcends the ordinary. • Golden RoofImperial Palace (Hofburg)Court Church (Hofkirche)Nordkette RangeBergisel Ski JumpSwarovski Crystal World When it comes to selecting a sightseeing tour that offers a comprehensive experience of Innsbruck, look no further than Happytripz. Our company specializes in curating tours that cover all the highlights, attended by guides who share anecdotes that breathe life into the historical tapestry of the city. Ensuring comfort, convenience, and an enriching journey, we at Happytripz are dedicated to making your Innsbruck adventure one to cherish. Whether you're gazing upon the majestic landscape or delving into the city's rich history, our sightseeing tours are crafted to create an intimate acquaintance with the heart of Tyrol. So, come along, and let Happytripz turn your Innsbruck voyage into a treasured narrative of discovery!

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Dante Koch

What an incredible experience! Our sightseeing tour in Innsbruck was everything we hoped for and more. The guide was knowledgeable and engaging, informing us about the rich history and culture of the city. We got to see all the top spots without feeling rushed. It's a fantastic way to explore Innsbruck, especially if you're short on time.

Kailey Miller

Booking this tour was the highlight of our Innsbruck visit. Our guide was so passionate about the city's landmarks and stories, making us feel like we were traveling with a local friend. From the stunning views of the Nordkette mountain range to the charm of the Old Town, each moment was perfectly planned. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to get the most out of their visit!

Alvin Carter

The organized sightseeing excursion was a real treat! With seamless transportation and an easy-going schedule, we explored Innsbruck's most beautiful sites. The blend of historical facts, local anecdotes, and personal time to wander around made the day memorable. It's an excellent service for those seeking an informative yet relaxing tour.

Aaliyah Ibarra

Our tour through the heart of Innsbruck truly brought the city's history to life. As we wandered through the cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture, we were mesmerized by the stories and sights. The guide’s expertise and warm personality added to an already delightful day. I left feeling like I had truly connected with the essence of the city.

Avery Glover

I had an absolutely joyful day exploring Innsbruck with this top-notch sightseeing tour. The convenience of having all the important landmarks on the itinerary and not having to worry about logistics made our day stress-free. What stood out was the guide's enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge. This tour is an essential Innsbruck experience I'd wholeheartedly recommend.