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Excursions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Discover the best excursions in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Explore stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture with our expert-guided tours. Book now!
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Guided tours in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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based on 7244 reviews

Dorian Marsh

Our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina was truly remarkable, thanks to the amazing excursion to the historic city of Mostar. The tour guide's knowledge and passion for the city's rich history and culture brought the experience to life in a way I'll never forget. The stunning views of the Stari Most Bridge made for unforgettable photo opportunities.

Atlas Crane

Exploring the Kravice Waterfalls was a highlight of our Bosnia and Herzegovina adventure. The natural beauty of the cascading waters and the surrounding landscape was breath-taking. Swimming in the refreshing pools added an exhilarating touch to a perfect day out in nature.

Orlando Short

The Sarajevo War Tunnel tour offered a profound and insightful look into the city's recent history. Our guide provided a poignant, personal perspective on the struggles during the siege, which deeply moved everyone in our group. It was an educational experience that I would highly recommend.

Walker Brooks

The excursion to the quaint town of Trebinje was utterly charming. With its picturesque architecture and serene ambiance, strolling through the town's markets and sipping coffee by the river was the perfect way to spend a day. It felt like we uncovered a hidden gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Carter Robertson

Our journey through the Dinaric Alps was exhilarating, to say the least. The off-road adventure took us through some of the most scenic landscapes, showcasing the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The guides were professional and ensured we had a safe yet thrilling experience.

Aleena Knight

Uncovering the mystical allure of Pocitelj on our excursion was a day to remember. The Ottoman-inspired architecture and art studios offered a unique blend of history and creativity. Climbing to the fortress provided us with panoramic views that were simply spectacular.

Enoch Harper

With Happytripz, the hike through Sutjeska National Park was an exceptional experience. The glorious views at the top were well worth the effort. The ancient forest and the rich biodiversity we encountered along our hike was a true nature lover's paradise.

Elias Fernandez

Visiting the fascinating Tito's Bunker added a unique touch to our historical explorations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bunker was a testament to the Cold War era and walking through its corridors felt like stepping back in time. The guide was engaging, making the experience both informative and entertaining.

Titan Wolfe

Our wine tasting tour around Herzegovina's countryside was delightful. The local vintages were exquisite, and the winemakers' tales added an authentic flavor to the experience. The rolling vineyard landscapes provided a tranquil backdrop to a leisurely afternoon savoring local delicacies and wines.

Deborah Vazquez

The medieval vibe of the Blagaj Tekke, situated by the beautiful Buna river spring, was mesmerizing. The blend of natural and historical beauty at this Dervish monastery created a sense of peace and wonder. Watching the clear waters flow beside the monastery walls was a serene and spiritual moment.