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Excursions in Mostar

Discover the enchanting city of Mostar with our guided excursions. Explore historic sites, stunning architecture & vibrant culture. Book your adventure today!

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Best Places to Visit in Mostar

Embarking on a journey to Mostar, a gem nestled in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, unveils a tapestry of cultural wealth and beguiling history. The enchanting city, divided by the emerald waters of the Neretva River, presents a confluence of east and west, with both Ottoman and Slavic heritage palpably etching their marks on its architecture and ethos. As a traveler, your quest for exuberant scenes of antiquity and revitalizing cultural experiences would indeed find fulfillment here. For those zealous to absorb the marvels of Mostar, our company, Happytripz, stands as your unerring ally, crafting the most mesmerizing excursions within the city's embrace.

Here are the quintessential locales every wanderer should grace with their presence in Mostar:

  • Stari Most (Old Bridge): The essence of Mostar's spirit is encapsulated in the iconic Stari Most, a resplendent 16th-century bridge arcing over the Neretva. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this restored masterpiece eloquently narrates tales of bygone times and endures as a symbol of reconciliation and unity. You can admire its grandeur from the riverbanks or stand atop to soak in panoramic views of the city. (Google Maps)
  • Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque: Another integral facet of Mostar's Ottoman legacy is the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque. Standing proudly since the 17th century, its ethereal minaret offers an incomparable vantage point over the cityscape. Delve into its intimate interior, adorned with intricate Islamic calligraphy and delight in the serene courtyard outside.
  • The Bazaar of Kujundžiluk: Time-traveling seems plausible when traversing the cobblestoned alleys of the Kujundžiluk Bazaar. Nestled alongside the glistening Neretva, the bazaar pulses with the heartbeats of artisans and merchants. Explore the plethora of shops offering traditional crafts, from ornate, hand-crafted jewelry to woven textiles that whisper of Mostar's long-standing marketplace traditions.
  • War Photo Exhibition: For those who seek a sobering reflection on the not-so-distant past, the War Photo Exhibition hits a poignant chord. The haunting images provide an intense glimpse into the devastation that befell Mostar during the 1990s conflict, serving as a stark reminder of the cost of war and the resilience of its people.
  • Museum of Herzegovina: Offering a more comprehensive understanding of Mostar and its environs, this small yet essential museum houses artifacts and exhibits chronicling the region's diverse history from prehistoric times to the modern day.

Experience tells us that to truly immerse oneself in the nuanced splendor of a place, engaging with local guides can often make a significant difference. This is where Happytripz shines as the consummate companion for your journey through Mostar. Our seasoned experts not only convey the profound historical contexts behind each sight but also share the soul-stirring local stories that textbooks tend to omit. We curate experiences that plunge you into the living essence of Mostar, where every cobblestone, every whisper of the river, and every arch of its storied edifices becomes a personal encounter with history.

Embarking on our tailored excursions promises not just sights for your eyes but a deep dive into the folklore, cuisine, and rhythms of local life. From savoring delectable Ćevapi in a tucked-away eatery to rejoicing in traditional Sevdalinka songs, come let Happytripz transform your visit into an unforgettable tapestry of memories interwoven with Mostarian hospitality and charm.

So dare to dream, dear traveler, for Mostar is not just a destination; it is a vibrant journey that continues to pulse within the soul long after your footprints have left its ancient streets. Trust Happytripz to be the guide that leads you through every enchanting corridor of Mostar's history and beauty.

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Harold Mullins

Mostar's charm was truly brought to life by the expert guides during our walking tour. Their passion for the city's history and the nuanced stories they shared about the iconic Stari Most bridge made for an immersive experience. The old town felt like a journey back in time, made all the more memorable by our knowledgeable companions.

Saylor Campbell

The Dervish House visit was mesmerizing; seated on the edge of the Buna river, this serene spot was a highlight. Our excursion included a delicious traditional lunch, where the flavors of Mostar cuisine delighted us as much as the sights. This was an experience to treasure forever.

Liana McCullough

My family and I went on a rafting adventure on the Neretva River and it exceeded every expectation. The guides were professional and ensured our safety while still making sure we had an absolute blast. The scenery was breathtaking and the water crystal clear. It was a refreshing escape from the summer heat and an adrenaline rush.

Jazmine Shelton

The full-day Herzegovina tour offered an ample dose of natural beauty and history. Visiting Blagaj, Pocitelj, and Kravice Waterfalls, our group was treated to captivating landscapes and ancient architecture. Special kudos to our guide for his engaging storytelling and deep knowledge of the region's past.

Tinsley Houston

Exploring the historic city of Mostar with its cobblestone streets, eclectic shops, and friendly locals was a treat. The highlight, however, was walking across the iconic bridge and learning about its rich history. It was a cultural immersion I would recommend to anyone visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Marlowe Wiley

With most excursions, you expect just to see the sights, but our evening in Mostar was an enchanting affair that included both sightseeing and a taste of local culture. From the haunting call to prayer echoing through the old town to the vibrant bazaar full of crafts and bites, it was an experience that engaged all the senses.

Kolton Atkins

Our guide's love and enthusiasm for Mostar were infectious. The tour provided us with an intimate look into the city's storied past and resilient spirit. Climbing the minaret for a panoramic view of the town was both exhilarating and humbling. Definitely, a highlight of our time in Bosnia!

Salem Gutierrez

Mostar left an indelible mark on my heart, thanks to our comprehensive city tour. The war history of the town was particularly poignant and delivered with great sensitivity by our guide. Walking through the streets, you could feel the layers of history and resilience beneath your feet.

Josiah Daniels

The excursion to Medjugorje was a spiritual journey I didn't know I needed. The peaceful atmosphere and the sense of community among the pilgrims were incredibly moving. Whether one is religious or not, the energy of this place is undeniable, and the trip is well thought out to provide time for reflection.

Brooklynn Huang

A tour of Mostar is incomplete without the insights and anecdotes provided by the local guides. We wandered off the beaten path, discovered hidden gems, and tasted some of the best local dishes. It's easy to fall in love with the city when you have such enthusiastic people showing you around.