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Excursions in Brazil

Discover the best excursions in Brazil! Explore rainforests, beaches, and vibrant cities. Book your unforgettable adventure today and immerse in Brazil's wonders.
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Guided tours in Brazil

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Harlan Bryant

I had an unforgettable time exploring the Amazon with the guides who were exceptionally knowledgeable about the local wildlife and ecosystems. Their passion for nature was infectious, making every moment of the journey thrilling and educational.

Brandon Villanueva

My excursion to the Iguaçu Falls was an awe-inspiring experience. The tour was well-organized, and the guide ensured we had the perfect spots for photography. The power and beauty of the falls are something I'll never forget.

Leighton Lang

The snorkeling trip in Fernando de Noronha was incredible. The clarity of the water and the abundance of marine life were beyond my expectations. Our guide was incredibly professional and made sure we felt safe and comfortable throughout.

Princeton Mueller

Exploring the Pantanal was a highlight of my stay in Brazil. The wildlife sightings were outstanding, from jaguars to capybaras, and our guide's ability to spot and identify animals was truly impressive.

Yehuda Berg

The historical tour of Salvador was deeply enlightening. Our guide was a wellspring of knowledge, sharing fascinating insights into the city's cultural heritage and architecture. It was like walking through a living museum.

Ariya Reese

Visiting the Lençóis Maranhenses with a guide from a reputable company was an otherworldly experience. The endless dunes and crystal-clear lagoons seemed like a dream, and the guide's stories about the area added a rich layer of context to the stunning visuals.

Zora Watson

Our journey to Chapada Diamantina was spectacular. Each day was filled with breathtaking views and vigorous hikes that our energetic guide navigated with ease. The care in selecting the best trails for our group's ability was much appreciated.

Angelina Ingram

Taking the cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain at sunset was a true bucket list moment. Our guide timed it perfectly so we avoided the crowds and could enjoy the view in a serene atmosphere, making it an even more memorable experience.

Andi Schmitt

The cultural and street art tour of São Paulo was insightful and full of vibrant energy. The guide’s understanding of the city’s art scene introduced us to some fantastic locally known artists and hidden gems.

Cannon Friedman

A historical trip to Ouro Preto was fascinating and the depth of knowledge of our guide truly brought the colonial town's rich past to life. It was a captivating walk through Brazil's golden age, with each building and cobblestone street telling its own story.