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Excursions in Fortaleza

Discover the best excursions in Fortaleza! Explore stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Book your unforgettable adventure today!

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Best places to visit in Fortaleza

Rich with vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and a lively atmosphere, Fortaleza is a gem in Brazil's northeast that never fails to surprise its visitors. This coastal city, not only basks in tropical sunshine but also offers a treasure trove of activities for every kind of traveler. To truly make the most of your visit, consider Happytripz for unforgettable excursions in and around Fortaleza, ensuring you absorb every ounce of excitement and beauty this city has to offer.

Below is a list of the best places to visit in Fortaleza:

  • Praia de Iracema
    A magnificent stretch of coastline named after the indigenous heroine of a local novel, Praia de Iracema is synonymous with Fortaleza's lively beach scene. During the day, the golden sands and the tranquil sea beckon sun-seekers and swimmers alike. At night, the area transforms into a bustling hub of entertainment, with numerous restaurants, clubs, and cultural centers coming to life. Don't miss the iconic Ponte dos Ingleses, also known as the "English Bridge," especially at sunset, which offers an exceptional view and is popular among locals and tourists. Find Praia de Iracema on the map.
  • Parque Ecological do Cocó
    As Fortaleza's largest green space, the Parque Ecological do Cocó is the lung of the city, offering a lush escape from the urban hustle. Encompassing over 1,155 hectares, this park provides an expanse of flora and fauna, including mangrove swamps, exotic plants, and numerous bird species. Venturing on the walking trails or taking part in an ecological boat tour, adds a splash of adventure to the experience, with Happytripz ready to guide you through the splendor of this ecological sanctuary.
  • Mercado Central
    Shopping enthusiasts and culture vultures will find their paradise at Mercado Central. With over 500 stalls, this massive market is a maze of local crafts, leather goods, clothing, and regional food delights. It is the perfect place to hunt for souvenirs and to immerse in the local way of life. Wandering through the market offers a sense of the region's rich craftsmanship and culinary heritage.
  • Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture
    Another must-see attraction is the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture. This beautifully designed complex is a celebration of Northeastern Brazilian culture and includes museums, theaters, a planetarium, and cinemas. The center's architecture is a sight to behold and it frequently hosts live music and cultural performances. To read more about its history and importance, visit the Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture.
  • Beach Park
    Just a short distance from Fortaleza lies South America's largest water park, Beach Park. Ideal for families and thrill-seekers, this aquatic playground features exhilarating rides, wave pools, and an idyllic artificial river for inner tubing. For a day of fun under the sun, Happytripz recommends this attraction as a vital part of your Fortaleza itinerary.
  • Catedral Metropolitana de Fortaleza
    Admiring Fortaleza's Catedral Metropolitana is a spiritual and architectural endeavor. This grand Gothic-Roman style cathedral towers over the city skyline and can accommodate around 5,000 worshipers. The stunning stained glass windows and intricate design details are well worth a visit, offering a peaceful respite and a touch of historical charm.

Fortaleza is a city bursting with cultural landmarks, natural beauty, and hospitable locals. Whether you are relishing in the salty breeze at the beach or exploring the eclectic local markets, Happytripz ensures that every moment spent in this northeastern Brazilian haven is memorable. So put on your most comfortable pair of shoes, and let the exploration begin!

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based on 7244 reviews

Santos Spears

What a fabulous day out we had exploring the dunes and lagoons around Fortaleza! Our guide was knowledgeable and made sure everyone had a great time. The experience was seamless from pick-up to drop-off, and the beauty of the natural landscapes we visited was absolutely breathtaking. Highly recommend for adventure seekers!

Julieta Stewart

Our family thoroughly enjoyed the city tour of Fortaleza. We got to see all the main attractions, learn about the history and culture, and had a great time exploring new parts of the city we hadn't seen before. The tour was well-organized and paced just right for a day trip.

Londyn Coleman

Beach hopping around Fortaleza was an extraordinary experience. Each beach had its own unique charm, and the tour guides were great at providing insights and recommendations. I especially enjoyed the time we had to relax and soak up the sun at Praia do Futuro!

Cassius Mills

The night tour was a blast! Fortaleza comes alive in a different way after dark, and seeing the city lights and experiencing the vibrant nightlife scene was a highlight of my trip. The guide was so friendly and fun, making it an unforgettable evening.

Anna Dunlap

If you're looking to experience the rich culture and history of Fortaleza, the historical district tour is a must. Our guide was a wellspring of information and made history come alive as we walked through the charming streets and admired colonial architecture.

Sage Yates

The sunset cruise we joined was utterly romantic and the perfect way to end a day in Fortaleza. The views of the coastline as the sun dipped below the horizon were mesmerizing. A definite must-do for couples!

Lena Soto

Venturing out to Morro Branco was awe-inspiring. The multi-colored sand dunes and cliffs were unlike anything I've seen before. Great organization and timing allowed us to enjoy each stop without feeling rushed.

Ander Parra

The culinary tour around Fortaleza is a food lover's dream. We sampled so many delicious local dishes and learned about the traditional flavors that make Brazilian cuisine so special. The guides were as passionate about food as they were knowledgeable, which made it all the more enjoyable.

Carlos Cabrera

Our off-road adventure to Cumbuco was exhilarating! Driving across the sand dunes was a thrill, and our guide made sure we felt safe while also letting us have fun. The scenic views paired with the excitement of the ride made for an unforgettable day.

Abram Avila

Enjoyed a peaceful and scenic boat tour down the Jaguaribe River. It was a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse ourselves in the tranquil beauty of nature. The guides were attentive and shared interesting facts about the local ecosystem.