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Boat tours in Sunny Beach

Explore the crystal-clear waters of Sunny Beach with our unforgettable boat tours. Discover hidden coves and stunning views on the ultimate seaside adventure. Book your tour today!

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The Best Boat Tours in Sunny Beach

When the sun casts its golden glow over the Black Sea, there's no better way to bask in its splendor than by embarking on a boat tour from the vibrant Sunny Beach. This Bulgarian hotspot is not just about the sandy stretches and lively nightlife; it's also a gateway to some of the most memorable maritime adventures.

Among the plethora of options, Happytripz stands out as a beacon of excellence. Our company prides itself on offering an array of boat tours that cater to every taste. Whether you're seeking a tranquil sunset cruise or an exhilarating day filled with diving and swimming, Happytripz ensures your time on the water is unforgettable.

Discover the Wonders of the Black Sea

  • Family-Friendly Excursions: Happytripz offers tours that are perfect for families looking to enjoy the sea together. Our experienced crew ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.
  • Party Cruises: For those who want to mix the joy of sailing with the thrill of a party, our boat tours come alive with music and dance, promising a festive atmosphere out on the open water.
  • Intimate Sunset Sails: Couples can indulge in the romance of a sunset sail, where the hues of dusk paint a picture-perfect backdrop for an evening of intimacy.

Our tours not only provide stunning views of Sunny Beach but also offer the chance to explore nearby Nesebar, an ancient city teeming with history, accessible via a short boat ride. The old town of Nesebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a treasure trove of antiquity that will enrich your seaside holiday.

Happytripz's commitment to customer satisfaction and love for the sea makes us the premier choice for your nautical adventure. We invite you to set sail from Sunny Beach and weave unforgettable memories with us. The Black Sea is calling, and with Happytripz, you're assured a voyage that's as splendid as the Bulgarian coast itself.

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Kyleigh Vaughn

The boat tour at Sunny Beach was a delightful experience! The views were breathtaking and the crew was incredibly friendly.

Amora McBride

Had an amazing time on the boat tour. The guide was knowledgeable and the scenery was unforgettable. Highly recommend!

Rylee Martin

What a fantastic boat tour! The crystal-clear waters and the warm sun made for a perfect day out. Great value for money.

Logan Malone

The sunset boat tour at Sunny Beach was magical. The colors of the sky and the calm sea made for an enchanting evening.

Fallon Munoz

Loved every minute of our boat tour! The staff was professional and the tour was well-organized. A must-do at Sunny Beach.