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Day Trips from Siem Reap

Discover exciting day trips from Siem Reap! Explore nearby attractions and immerse yourself in the beauty of Cambodia with our curated itineraries.

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The Best Day Trips from Siem Reap

When you've marveled at the ancient splendors of Angkor Wat and wandered through Siem Reap's bustling markets, you might find yourself itching to explore beyond the city's borders. Fortunately, the surrounding area is brimming with destinations perfect for day trips, offering a blend of history, adventure, and natural beauty. And for those looking to discover these hidden gems, Happytripz is your go-to guide for an unforgettable journey.

Explore the Grandeur of Beng Mealea

Just a stone's throw away from Siem Reap, the temple of Beng Mealea is a sight to behold. This lesser-known temple is engulfed by the jungle, giving it an otherworldly charm. With Happytripz, you can navigate its ruins and hidden passageways like a true explorer, all within the span of a day.

Witness the Floating Villages of Tonle Sap

Embark on a scenic drive to the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap. Here, you'll find communities thriving on water. The floating villages are a testament to human ingenuity and resilience. Happytripz offers tours that give you a glimpse into the unique lifestyle of the lake's inhabitants, making for an eye-opening experience.

Adventures in Kulen Mountain

For the thrill-seekers and nature lovers, Phnom Kulen is a must-visit. This sacred mountain is not only a historical site but also a place of natural splendor. With Happytripz, you can hike to the mountain's waterfall, visit the reclining Buddha, and even take a dip in the cool waters. Check out the location on Google Maps to plan your trip.

  • Temple Hopping Beyond Angkor: Venture to temples like Preah Khan and Neak Pean, where ancient stories are etched into stone.
  • Bird Watching at Prek Toal: A paradise for bird enthusiasts, this bird sanctuary is a serene escape into nature's embrace.
  • Cultural Immersion in a Local Village: Experience the warmth of Cambodian hospitality and learn about traditional crafts with a village visit.

With Happytripz at the helm, your day trips from Siem Reap will be more than just excursions; they'll be chapters in your adventure story, filled with vivid memories and experiences. So, lace up your boots, grab your camera, and let's set off on a journey that's as enriching as it is exhilarating!

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Rating 4.7
based on 7244 reviews

Martha Reid

Exploring the countryside on a day trip from Siem Reap was magical. The scenery is breathtaking and the locals are so welcoming.

Jameson Tate

The floating villages are a must-see! A day trip from Siem Reap offers a unique glimpse into local life on the water.

Rafael McDaniel

I highly recommend the Kulen Mountain day trip. The waterfall and ancient carvings were absolutely stunning.

Paisley Valdez

A day trip to the Beng Mealea temple was an adventure into the past. Less crowded and just as mesmerizing as Angkor Wat.

Mylah Berry

The bird sanctuary day trip was a highlight of my Siem Reap visit. It's a peaceful escape into nature's beauty.