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Day Trips from Banff

Explore the beauty of Banff with our curated day trips. Discover stunning landscapes, wildlife, and adventures just a short drive away. Start your unforgettable journey today.

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The Best Day Trips from Banff

When the majestic peaks of Banff National Park have been explored, and the charming streets of the town have been strolled, it's time to broaden the horizon with some unforgettable day trips. The surrounding Canadian Rockies are brimming with natural wonders, quaint towns, and hidden gems that are just a short drive away. And for those looking to discover these treasures, Happytripz offers the perfect getaway experiences.

Discover Lake Louise

Just a scenic 40-minute drive from Banff, Lake Louise is a jewel not to be missed. With its turquoise waters and the Victoria Glacier as a backdrop, it's a photographer's paradise. In the summer, enjoy a canoe ride on the lake or hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House. Come winter, the area transforms into a world-class skiing destination. Happytripz ensures you don't miss out on this iconic spot with comfortable transportation and insightful tips to make the most of your visit. Check out the location on Google Maps.

Explore Yoho National Park

Bordering Banff National Park, Yoho National Park is a less crowded but equally stunning destination. A day trip here promises the sight of the incredible Takakkaw Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Canada. For a touch of history, the Spiral Tunnels are an engineering marvel to behold. Happytripz guides you through Yoho's highlights, ensuring a seamless adventure.

Visit Canmore and the Kananaskis Country

Canmore, located just outside the Banff National Park boundaries, offers a charming escape with its artisan shops and local eateries. Kananaskis Country, on the other hand, is an outdoor enthusiast's dream, with its sprawling landscapes and numerous trails. Happytripz curates day trips to these areas, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty.

  • Bow Valley Parkway: A leisurely drive with chances to spot wildlife and visit the Johnston Canyon.
  • Icefields Parkway: Journey along one of the most beautiful highways in the world to the Columbia Icefield.
  • Mount Norquay: For a panoramic view of Banff, take the scenic chairlift or drive up to the lookout point.

With Happytripz, your day trips from Banff are not just excursions; they're gateways to the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Each journey is crafted to create lasting memories, with the comfort and expertise that only a local companion can provide.

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Rocky Merritt

The Lake Louise day trip was breathtaking, with stunning views and serene nature. A must-do!

Chase Benton

Exploring the Icefields Parkway was an unforgettable experience. The scenery is unmatched.

Kaiser Dudley

The trip to Moraine Lake was simply magical. The vivid blue waters are something out of a dream.

Maliyah Hansen

Visiting Yoho National Park from Banff was incredible. The waterfalls and hikes are top-notch.

Warren Fowler

The Banff to Jasper day trip offered spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Highly recommend it!