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Sightseeing excursions in Atacama Desert

Experience the magic of Atacama Desert with our unforgettable sightseeing excursions. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of this unique destination!

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What you will see in Atacama Desert during a Sightseeing tour

Exploring the Atacama Desert is like leafing through the pages of a geology textbook, where every chapter tells an ancient story of earth's wonders. When setting foot on this Martian landscape with Happytripz, you're not merely embarking on a typical excursion — you're journeying through a tableau of nature's most astonishing artwork.

Naturesque Panoramas at Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)

One cannot talk about the Atacama without the mention of Valle de la Luna, a place practically untouched by rain, forging a scene straight from celestial bodies. As the day folds into night, hues morph from scorched gold to a crescendo of purples and blues, an unworldly spectacle that's etched in memory. Here, the silence whispers the ancient stories of the land, and every grain of sand is a testament to the timeless beauty. You'll find Moon Valley just a short journey from San Pedro de Atacama, where the lunar-like terrain will captivate your soul.

Miraculous Salt Flat - Salar de Atacama

The sheer expanse of Salar de Atacama is an ethereal vision to behold, stretching over 3,000 square kilometers. This crust of salt, formed from vanishing lakes, shelters a labyrinth of turquoise pools that shine stark against the bleached plateau. In this environment, the occasional flamingo is a spot of vibrant life against the pale canvas, a surreal addition to an already dreamlike setting.

Admiring Flora and Fauna at Los Flamencos National Reserve

Our planet is a marvel, and Los Flamencos National Reserve is its extraordinary exhibit. Embark with us to this sanctuary, where the extraordinary Andean flamingos sift through mineral-rich waters for sustenance, painting a mesmerizing contrast against the desert backdrop. The sheer diversity here is a testament to life's ability to flourish even in the most hostile terrains. Each sightseeing tour is carefully curated, blending relaxation with discovery. With Happytripz, you're not just seeing the Atacama — you're feeling its heartbeat. We promise a symphony of experiences, an array of unfathomable phenomena that make the Atacama a treasure trove for wanderers. -
  • Spectacular views atop the towering sand dunes.
  • -
  • Geological marvels like the hollow-rock formations, known as Lithification canvases.
  • -
  • Night skies that transform into a celestial stage, unmarred by light pollution.
  • Stargazing: A Celestial Feast

    In the embrace of night, Atacama becomes the gateway to the cosmos. The desert's blanket of stars is arguably one of the clearest and most enchanting night skies in the world. Unleashing the astronomer in each traveler, our tours offer a glimpse into the universe's vastness, guided by expert astronomers who narrate the cosmic lore.

    The Gurgling El Tatio Geysers

    At dawn, venture to the high-altitude El Tatio Geysers, where the early morning temperatures create a mesmerizing tango of steam and water eruptions. This geothermal wonderland, accessible through a guided excursion from Happytripz, is a venue of natural theatrics showcasing geysers shooting up to 6 meters high. To experience the palette of colors, textures, and forms the Atacama Desert offers, look no further than our Happytripz tours. We blend adventure and tranquility, guiding you through the unearthly geologies and heartwarming cultural encounters. For a sightseeing tour in the Atacama Desert that stitches the wonders of nature with the fabric of memory, Happytripz is your companion in this journey of a lifetime.

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    Rating 4.7
    based on 7244 reviews

    August Holloway

    I recently experienced the Atacama Desert sightseeing tour and it was absolutely phenomenal. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the local geography and history, which really enhanced our understanding of the beautiful landscapes. The stargazing session was a highlight; I've never seen stars so bright and clear. Vehicles were comfortable, and the itinerary was well-paced, so we didn't feel rushed. Highly recommend!

    Elodie Vang

    An unforgettable journey through the Atacama Desert! The tour was well-organized, and every stop seemed to outdo the last in terms of beauty and wonder. We visited the incredible Moon Valley and the tour gave us ample time to explore and take in the surreal surroundings. Guides were attentive and ensured everyone’s safety and comfort throughout the trip. A must-do for any traveler!

    Mitchell Hart

    The Atacama sightseeing tour exceeded my expectations in every way. Our guide brought the desert to life with fascinating stories and facts as we traveled from one breathtaking site to another. The salt flats were particularly mesmerizing during sunset. A seamless experience from start to finish, making it a day to remember.

    Sarah Randall

    With Happytripz, the Atacama Desert tour was a blast! The float in the Cejar Lagoon was surreal, defying gravity with such high salt concentration. The guide's passion for the area was infectious and the small group size made the experience feel personalized. A professionally run tour that showcases the very best of Atacama.

    Brielle Roberts

    From the dramatic landscapes of geysers bursting at sunrise to the serene beauty of the Atacama salt flats, the sightseeing tour was a masterclass in adventure. Comfortable transportation and timely breaks made the journey through the desert both enjoyable and relaxing. Each stop provided a unique perspective on this otherworldly region. An excellent way to discover the Atacama, highly recommended!