Day Trips from Easter Island

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The Best Day Trips from Easter Island

When you find yourself on the enchanting shores of Easter Island, immersed in its deep history and surrounded by the iconic moai statues, it's hard to imagine needing to escape. However, even the most captivating places can serve as springboards to further adventures. For those looking to expand their horizons beyond the island's mystical allure, Happytripz offers unforgettable day trips that promise to enrich your travel experience.

Explore the Nearby Islets

One of the most thrilling excursions from Easter Island is a boat trip to the nearby islets. Motu Nui, Motu Iti, and Motu Kao Kao stand as guardians of the island's southwestern coast. These tiny landforms are not only significant in the local Rapa Nui culture but also host to diverse birdlife. A guided tour with Happytripz will allow you to witness the birdman competition site, an ancient ritual that is as intriguing as the island's giant statues. For a glimpse into this tradition, check out the Tangata manu on Wikipedia.

Snorkeling and Diving Adventures

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Easter Island are a snorkeler's and diver's paradise. With Happytripz, you can plunge into the Pacific and explore an underwater world teeming with marine life. The visibility here is often excellent, allowing for up-close encounters with colorful fish, sea turtles, and even the occasional moai submerged beneath the waves. Hanga Roa, the island's main town, is the perfect starting point for these aquatic excursions.

  • Rano Kau Volcano - While not exactly a trip off the island, visiting the Rano Kau volcano is a journey in itself. The crater lake, with its vibrant palette of greens and blues, is a sight to behold. Happytripz ensures that your trek to this natural wonder is as comfortable as it is memorable.
  • Anakena Beach - For those who prefer to relax on the sands, Anakena offers a tropical reprieve. This white coral beach, fringed by palm trees and caressed by gentle waves, is a short drive from Hanga Roa. Happytripz can arrange for a leisurely day of sunbathing, swimming, and savoring fresh seafood.

Whether you're a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply in need of a tranquil spot to unwind, Happytripz curates day trips that cater to all tastes. From the islets' rugged cliffs to the serene beaches and the depths of the Pacific, each journey promises to be as enriching as it is exciting. So, when you're ready to venture beyond the moai's gaze, let Happytripz be your guide to the wonders that await.

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Kali Webb

Exploring the lesser-known ruins was a highlight. Our guide was knowledgeable and the scenery was breathtaking.

Shawn Callahan

The boat trip to the motus provided stunning views and a refreshing change of pace from the mainland.

Calliope Kemp

Loved the day trip to Anakena Beach. The white sand and turquoise water were the perfect escape.

Meadow Hutchinson

The hike to Terevaka offered panoramic views of the island. It's a must-do for any visitor!

Mia Rhodes

Visiting the volcanic craters was an otherworldly experience. The landscapes are simply unforgettable.