Day Trips from Guangzhou

Discover exciting day trips from Guangzhou! Explore nearby attractions, cultural sites, and natural wonders with our convenient and curated itineraries.

The Best Day Trips from Guangzhou

When the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou's city life start to wear you down, it's time to consider a day trip to rejuvenate your senses. The region surrounding this vibrant city is dotted with historical sites, natural wonders, and quaint villages that make for perfect escapes. And when it comes to organizing these excursions, Happytripz stands out as your go-to guide for unforgettable experiences.

Explore the Ancient City of Foshan

Just a short drive from Guangzhou, Foshan is a city steeped in history and culture. Visit the ancestral temple, Zumiao, and marvel at the martial arts performances. Don't miss the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, which has been firing pottery for over 500 years. Happytripz can arrange a tour that includes a pottery-making session, giving you a hands-on experience of this ancient craft.

Relax in the Scenic Beauty of Conghua Hot Springs

For those seeking relaxation, the hot springs of Conghua offer a soothing retreat. Nestled in the lush greenery of the area, these natural springs are said to have healing properties. Happytripz can book you a day of pampering, complete with spa treatments and a serene environment to unwind in. Check out the location on Google Maps.

Discover the Kaiping Diaolou

Embark on a journey to the Kaiping Diaolou, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These multi-storied defensive village houses exhibit a unique blend of Chinese and Western architectural styles. Happytripz offers guided tours that delve into the history of these fascinating structures. Learn more about the Kaiping Diaolou on Wikipedia.

  • Historical Exploration: Visit the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King and unearth the secrets of a 2,000-year-old tomb.
  • Cultural Immersion: Take part in a traditional Cantonese opera show, arranged by Happytripz, for a taste of local performing arts.
  • Nature Escapes: Hike the trails of Baiyun Mountain and enjoy panoramic views of Guangzhou from above.

Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or just in need of a break from city life, Happytripz has the perfect day trip waiting for you. Each journey is crafted with care, ensuring that your day away from Guangzhou is as enriching as it is enjoyable.

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Dayana Molina

The day trip to Kaiping from Guangzhou was a highlight with its unique diaolou structures. A must-visit for history buffs!

Titus Howe

Loved the serene beauty of Qingyuan's hot springs. A perfect getaway from Guangzhou's hustle for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Tanner Duncan

The ancient village of Shawan was a delightful experience. Traditional architecture and local cuisine made for a memorable day.

Valerie Juarez

Foshan's ancestral temples and martial arts demonstrations provided a fascinating glimpse into China's cultural heritage. Highly recommended!

Treasure Wise

The cruise to Shamian Island offered a peaceful escape with its colonial architecture and riverside views. A charming day out!