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Best places to visit in Macau

When it comes to discovering the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, Macau is a spectacle of history, glitz, and an endless palette of experiences. Often known for its casinos and luxury entertainment, there is much more to Macau than meets the eye. Here are some of the best places that every traveler should have on their Macau must-visit list.

The Ruins of St. Paul's

Standing as a proud testament to Macau's colonial past, the Ruins of St. Paul's is arguably the most iconic landmark in Macau. What was once a 17th-century complex including St. Paul's College and the Church of St. Paul now remains as a striking facade and a grand stairway. This historical site encapsulates the blend of European Renaissance and Oriental architecture.

Senado Square

Step into the vibrant Senado Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site that has long been the urban centre of Macau. The square boasts of its wave-patterned mosaic floor, surrounded by neoclassical buildings painted in bright hues. Here, visitors can find a variety of shops and traditional eateries, perfect for those looking to indulge in local flavors and pick up souvenirs.

The Venetian Macao

No trip to Macau is complete without experiencing the extravagant charm of The Venetian Macao. This integrated resort is one of the largest casino buildings in the world, mirroring its sister property in Las Vegas. Beyond the casino floor, the resort offers an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, complete with canals inspired by the city of Venice.

A-Ma Temple

Dating back to 1488, the A-Ma Temple is a serene sanctuary dedicated to the seafarers' goddess Mazu. This temple complex comprises several pavilions built into the hillside and features ornate carvings and inscriptions. Visiting the A-Ma Temple offers a peaceful break from the city's hustle, and it is said that Macau derived its name from this very temple.

Macau Tower

For thrill-seekers and view-chasers, the Macau Tower presents an imposing figure against Macau's skyline. Standing at 338 meters, this tower offers unrivaled panoramic views of the entire peninsula and beyond. For those willing to push their limits, the Macau Tower also hosts one of the world's highest commercial sky jumps.

Taipa Village

Explore the charming streets of Taipa Village, located on the small island of Taipa. This area preserves the essence of old Macau, with traditional colonial houses, quaint alleyways, and a more laid-back ambience. Here, visitors can discover local boutiques, art galleries, and some of Macau's best street food.

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

The Macau Fisherman's Wharf is a thematic entertainment complex right by the sea, offering much more than its name suggests. Attractions include a Roman amphitheater, a volcano-themed casino, and numerous dining options. This eclectic destination is great for a leisurely stroll, with something to keep every age entertained.

Coloane Village

Coloane Village is where time seems to stand still. Visitors to this tranquil part of Macau will find narrow lanes, pastel-colored houses, and the famous Lord Stow's Bakery, credited for the best Portuguese egg tarts in town.

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Bethany Reyes

What a thrilling day spent exploring the cultural fusion of Macau! Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable about the city's history and current developments. We were immersed in the old-world charm of the Portuguese architecture and captivated by the modernity of the Cotai Strip. A highly recommended excursion for any traveler.

Mariana Bautista

Our excursion through Macau's historic center was nothing short of magical. Wandering through the narrow alleys, sampling local treats, and taking in the UNESCO-listed sites gave me a new appreciation for this unique destination. The attention to detail and the passion of the guide made this tour a standout experience.

Thomas Fernandez

Visiting the A-Ma Temple and the Macau Tower on our excursion was a breathtaking experience. Climbing the tower and witnessing the panoramic views of the city was a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The spiritual ambiance of the temple provided a serene contrast to the bustling city.

Alaiya Flynn

The day trip to Coloane Village was a serene break from the glitz of Macau. The guide gave us ample time to explore the quaint streets, enjoy the famed egg tarts, and relax by the sea. This part of Macau feels like a well-kept secret, and I'm so glad we didn't miss out.

Kase Silva

On our excursion yesterday, we experienced the heart-pounding excitement of the Grand Prix Museum, where the history of racing in Macau really came alive. The exhibits are interactive and engaging for both adults and kids. Definitely a must-visit for those who enjoy the adrenaline of motorsports.

Emmalyn Watson

Macau's gastronomy scene was a highlight of our tour. Our guide was fantastic, leading us to hidden culinary gems and explaining the rich blend of Portuguese and Chinese flavors. Each tasting stop was well-chosen and added a delicious layer to our understanding of Macau's culture.

Katherine McKinney

The excursion to the Ruins of St. Paul's combined the perfect mix of education and exploration. Our guide's storytelling brought the history to life in a way that was both engaging and memorable. The surrounding area's shops and eateries made for delightful browsing after soaking up the history.

Gunner Booth

With their expertise in crafting memorable excursions in Macau, our tour organizers made certain we experienced the best of the region's culture, history, and entertainment. From the bustling markets to the awe-inspiring House of Dancing Water show, every moment was meticulously planned and executed beautifully.

Raylan Lowe

The night tour of Macau was simply spectacular. Seeing the city light up, with its iconic casinos and bridges illuminated, was a vastly different experience from the daytime. The atmosphere was electric, and the guide created a fun and convivial atmosphere among our group.

Selah Small

The excursion to Taipa Village was full of charm and character, offering a glimpse into Macau's past. Strolling through traditional markets and visiting colonial houses gave us a sense of what life was like before the casinos. The balance of free time and guided storytelling was just right.