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Best Places to Visit in Xiamen

When you think of a serene getaway that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Xiamen should be at the top of your list. This charming coastal city in China's Fujian province is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. And for those looking to explore the best of Xiamen, Happytripz offers excursions that promise to enrich your travel experience.

Gulangyu Island

One cannot speak of Xiamen without mentioning the enchanting Gulangyu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This car-free island is a sanctuary of tranquility, with colonial architecture, winding alleys, and lush gardens. Don't miss the Shuzhuang Garden, a masterpiece of Chinese landscaping. Happytripz can guide you through the island's hidden gems, ensuring you soak in its peaceful ambiance.

Nanputuo Temple

For a spiritual retreat, the Nanputuo Temple, nestled at the foot of the Wulao Peaks, is a must-visit. This Buddhist temple dates back to the Tang Dynasty and is a site of rich cultural heritage. The temple complex with its towering pagodas and grand halls is a sight to behold. Happytripz excursions here are not just tours; they're a journey through the soul of Xiamen.

Xiamen University

Often regarded as one of the most beautiful universities in China, Xiamen University is also worth a visit. With architecture that perfectly complements its coastal setting, the university grounds are ideal for a leisurely stroll.

Xiamen Botanical Garden

For nature lovers, the Xiamen Botanical Garden is a paradise. This sprawling garden is home to a vast array of plant species and offers a refreshing escape from the city buzz. Happytripz can arrange for a guided tour, helping you to understand and appreciate the diverse flora.

Whether it's the historical allure of Gulangyu Island or the spiritual solace of Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen is a city that has something for everyone. And with Happytripz as your guide, you're sure to have an unforgettable journey through this coastal gem.

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Wesson Hardy

My family and I recently enjoyed an excursion to the more scenic locales around Xiamen and it was an unforgettable experience The guides were knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the beauty and history of the area. From the well-planned itinerary to the comfortable transportation, everything was top-notch. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an in-depth exploration of Xiamen's natural beauty.

Ophelia Murphy

Taking a tour around Xiamen was the highlight of my trip. The team made sure we visited all the key sights, and their attention to detail was impeccable. I was particularly impressed by the hidden gems we got to explore, places I wouldn't have discovered on my own. The entire day was perfectly organized, leaving us stress-free and fully immersed in the beauty of Xiamen.

Ian Aguirre

I decided to explore Xiamen’s cultural heritage and was not disappointed. The excursion was perfectly balanced with historical sites, cultural experiences, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Each stop was more impressive than the last, and the guide’s stories and facts made every location come alive. It's a must-do for history buffs and adventure seekers alike.

Jaziel Juarez

Our trip to Xiamen was made exceptional thanks to the wonderful tour we booked. It was a seamless experience from start to finish. The guide was friendly, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable about the area. We were able to visit a mix of popular and off-the-beaten-path spots, making our experience unique and memorable. I can't recommend this tour enough for those wanting to see the best of Xiamen.

Amara Wagner

Exploring Xiamen with the team from Happytripz was an absolute delight. Their expertise and enthusiasm for the city shone through, turning what could have been a standard tour into a memorable adventure. We visited stunning locations, each with its own story, which our guide narrated with infectious passion. This excursion was the perfect blend of fun, education, and relaxation.