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Brock Ryan

Exploring the Grand Canyon with a guided tour was a truly breathtaking experience. The views were absolutely stunning, and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable, sharing fascinating facts and history throughout the day. The convenience of transportation from our hotel made the entire day hassle-free and enjoyable.

Foster Guzman

California's wine country was a delightful experience, with beautifully scenic rolling hills and exquisite tastings. Our guide was personable and ensured we visited a great selection of vineyards, each offering a unique charm and an assortment of fine wines. The pace of the tour allowed for relaxation and appreciation of the region.

Ibrahim Cordova

The New York City sightseeing tour exceeded all expectations. It covered all the must-see landmarks, had enough time at each spot for photos, and the guide was engaging, providing an in-depth look at the city's history. We left the tour with amazing memories and a deeper love for the Big Apple.

Gwen Bowen

The Alaskan Glacier Cruise was a highlight of our trip, showcasing some of the most pristine and remote wilderness regions. The onboard naturalists added great value, and the glimpses of wildlife amidst the icebergs were unforgettable. The serenity and majesty of Alaska were simply unmatched.

Ailani Cain

Our group had an incredible time on the swamp tour in Louisiana. The adrenaline rush of speeding through the bayou on an airboat was exhilarating, and spotting alligators up close was thrilling. Our guide was a real-life Cajun who shared entertaining stories and insights about the area's ecology.

Amora McBride

With Happytripz, our trip to Mount Rushmore was spectacular. The historical significance of the monument, coupled with informative commentary from our guide, made for a meaningful visit. The organization and pacing of the tour ensured we enjoyed all aspects without feeling rushed.

Isabela Jefferson

The Oahu Island Tour in Hawaii offered a magical combination of stunning scenery, rich history, and local culture. Snorkeling in crystal-clear waters and seeing the vibrant marine life was a dream come true. Every stop, from the rainforests to the historical sites, was well-coordinated and immersive.

Valentina Fox

Exploring the Yellowstone National Park with a group tour was incredible. The geysers, hot springs, and wildlife were highlights that will not soon be forgotten. Our guide adeptly navigated the immense park, sharing expert tips on the best spots for photo opportunities along the way.

Nyla Avalos

The bicycle tour through the streets of downtown Portland was a unique and invigorating way to experience the city. It catered to all fitness levels and provided an intimate glimpse of Portland's hidden gems. The friendly guide emphasized sustainability and local culture, adding depth to our ride.

Ares Vazquez

Happytripz delivered an outstanding experience on our Miami city tour. The blend of cultural hotspots, iconic beaches, and vibrant neighborhoods gave us an authentic taste of Miami life. Our guide's enthusiasm and attention to detail made every moment count. The convenience and comfort of the tour were exceptional.