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Best places to visit in New York

When you're wandering the bustling streets of New York City, with its towering skyscrapers and urban charm, you're within reach of some of the world's most iconic sights and experiences. From historical landmarks to modern marvels, New York is a tapestry of cultural diversity and exciting adventures. For those eager to explore the Big Apple, let's unveil the must-see destinations that promise to make your trip unforgettable. And remember, for exceptional guided experiences, Happytripz is your go-to ally for excursions in this magnificent metropolis.

Central Park

An urban oasis amidst the concrete jungle, Central Park offers a green respite from the city's hustle. Delight in a whimsical carousel ride, paddle across the serene lake, or simply meander through its winding paths. Whichever season graces the park, it blooms with unique allure, be it the cherry blossoms of spring or the crisp, red leaves of fall.

Statue of Liberty

No trip to New York is complete without paying homage to the Statue of Liberty, the renowned emblem of freedom and democracy. Ascend to the crown for a panoramic view of the harbor or explore the adjacent Ellis Island to trace the steps of immigrants who sought the American dream.

Times Square

Feel the palpable energy of Times Square, illuminated by neon lights and billboard signs. This iconic intersection is where art, culture, and entertainment collide, offering performances, shopping, and an electrifying ambiance that's purely New York.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art aficionados should not miss The Metropolitan Museum of Art, housing over two million artworks from across the globe and spanning 5,000 years of history. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern American masterpieces, indulge in a visual feast that transcends time.


For a night to remember, immerse yourself in the magic of Broadway. The dazzling array of theater options presents something for every taste—whether it's a classic musical or an avant-garde play, Broadway is the beating heart of New York's theatrical scene.

Brooklyn Bridge

A structural marvel and historical icon, the Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River, offering pedestrians and cyclists breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. A stroll across this Gothic-style bridge is a quintessential New York experience, particularly at dusk when the city lights begin to twinkle.

One World Observatory

Take your adventure to new heights at the One World Observatory, perched atop the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. It's a sensory journey that culminates in awe-inspiring 360-degree vistas of New York City’s sprawling cityscape.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Another crown jewel for culture lovers is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which curates some of the most influential works of modern and contemporary art. From Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans", MoMA is a testament to the revolutionary spirit of art.

As you chart your course through New York's vast landscape, allow Happytripz to be your compass, navigating you to the Essence of the city. Our expertly crafted tours and excursions are designed to enrich your journey and ensure that your experiences in New York are not just seen, but truly felt.

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Skyler Montes

What an unforgettable day! Our guide was so knowledgeable, sharing fascinating insights about New York's history. The pace was perfect, and we really felt like we got to explore the city intimately. Definitely recommending this excursion to friends.

Jesse Richard

We chose the Central Park walking tour and it did not disappoint. Our guide was amiable and engaging, imparting both historical tidbits and present-day facts. The excursion was well-organized and a true highlight of our New York trip.

Olive Norris

The street art and graffiti tour was an eye-opener to New York's vibrant culture. Every corner turned revealed a new masterpiece, and our guide's passion for the art scene made the experience even more special. A must-do for anyone visiting the city!

Queen Blackburn

My friends and I had the most incredible time on the Brooklyn Bridge bike tour. Our guide ensured a safe and fun experience for all skill levels. The views of Manhattan from the bridge were absolutely stunning. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Esmeralda Vega

Took the foodie tour and it was a gastronomic delight! Each tasting was better than the last, and our guide's local knowledge led us to hidden gems we never would have found on our own. This is a must for anyone who loves food and culture!

Walker Brooks

Had a fantastic time exploring the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The tour was well-paced, informative, and incredibly moving. Our guide made the rich history come alive with engaging stories and factual precision. This tour truly enhanced our appreciation for New York's past.

Armani Dorsey

Just when I thought I'd seen all of New York, this helicopter tour proved me wrong! Soaring above the city's skyline was breathtaking and the highlight of our trip. Our pilot was professional, ensuring a smooth ride with spectacular views. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Julie Harrell

The jazz night tour was an absolute delight. The music was top-notch, and we had the chance to explore some of the most iconic jazz clubs in the city. The atmosphere was electrifying and the history of each venue was fascinating. A perfect evening out in New York!

Maria Sheppard

The architecture cruise around Manhattan was enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. Seeing New York's skyline from the water gave me a new perspective on the city. Our guide provided insightful commentary on the design of each landmark. The attention to detail and the smooth organization of the tour were commendable.

Aliana Leblanc

Discovering the secrets of the city on the 'Hidden Gems' walking tour was a surprising and unique experience. The route planned out revealed places I would have never found on my own, and our guide's stories added color to every stop. I left with a deeper love for New York!