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Manaus Museum Tickets

Discover the rich culture of Manaus! Secure your tickets now to explore its fascinating museums. Experience history, art, and the Amazon's heritage in one visit.

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Nia Jensen

The Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso offers a unique look into the history of rubber tapping in the region. Visitors can explore the replica rubber plantation and learn about the daily life of workers.

Malia Chase

Museu da Amazônia provides a fascinating insight into the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. The interactive exhibits and lush surroundings offer a memorable learning experience for visitors of all ages.

Malaysia Guerra

Museu Casa Eduardo Ribeiro showcases the preserved home of a former governor of Amazonas, providing a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of the elite in the early 20th century.

Virginia Herrera

The Palacete Provincial houses a diverse collection of historical artifacts and artwork, offering a comprehensive overview of the cultural heritage of Manaus and the Amazon region.

Monroe Rodgers

Museu do Índio showcases the rich indigenous heritage of the Amazon, with exhibits highlighting traditional customs, crafts, and rituals of the native tribes in the region.