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Nature & adventure tours from Santos

Explore the beauty of Santos with our thrilling nature and adventure tours. Discover hidden gems and experience unforgettable moments in this picturesque coastal city. Book your adventure now!
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The Best Nature & Adventure Tours from Santos

When the urban sprawl of Santos begins to feel confining, the call of the wild is not far away. For those yearning to trade the cityscape for landscapes teeming with life and adventure, Happytripz offers an escape into the heart of nature. Our curated tours are designed to immerse you in the beauty and thrill of Brazil's diverse ecosystems, all within reach from Santos.

Discover the Atlantic Rainforest

Embark on a journey through the lush, Atlantic Rainforest, a biodiversity hotspot that is teeming with unique flora and fauna. Happytripz guides you along hidden trails, where the symphony of nature's sounds replaces the city's bustle. Feel the thrill of spotting exotic birds and the elusive jaguarundi, all while learning about the forest's delicate ecology.

Island Hopping and Snorkeling

For water enthusiasts, the crystal-clear waters around Santos are a playground. Our tours include island hopping to areas like Ilha Anchieta, where snorkeling reveals a kaleidoscope of marine life. Glide over vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside schools of colorful fish in an underwater spectacle that rivals any aquarium.

Thrilling Escapades

Adrenaline seekers will find their pulse racing with our adventure tours. Scale the heights of Pico do Urubu for a panoramic view that will leave you breathless in more ways than one. Or, if you prefer the rush of water, white-water rafting down the Rio Juquiá provides an exhilarating challenge.

  • Guided Eco-Tours: Explore the region's rich ecosystems with knowledgeable guides.
  • Wildlife Watching: Encounter Brazil's incredible wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Outdoor Sports: From hiking to rafting, get your heart racing with our adventure activities.

With Happytripz, your next adventure is just a step away. We pride ourselves on creating experiences that resonate with the soul of the explorer in all of us. Join us, and let the spirit of adventure set you free.

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