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Best places to visit in Beijing

Beijing, a melange of history and modernity, offers a fascinating journey through its numerous attractions that tell the story of China's ancient customs alongside its contemporary advancements. Here are some of the best places you should not miss while exploring the grandeur of Beijing:

  • Forbidden City: Nestled in the heart of Beijing, this awe-inspiring palace complex was once an imperial palace for twenty-four emperors during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most remarkable cultural landmarks in the world. Walking through its majestic gates, you travel back in time, surrounded by timeless architecture and evocative history. (Map Link)
  • Great Wall of China: Just beyond the city limits lies one of the seven wonders of the world. The sections of the Great Wall near Beijing like Mutianyu and Badaling are remarkably preserved and offer breathtaking views. Hiking along this iconic structure, you'll feel a profound sense of connection to the generations who built and walked these same stone paths.
  • Summer Palace: As an exemplar of classical Chinese garden design, the Summer Palace is a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. Emperors of the past conceived this place for relaxation and retreat. Wander through its vast ensemble of lakes, gardens, and palaces, and let the serenity soak into your soul.
  • Temple of Heaven: This sacred site, where emperors performed rites for a good harvest, is an architectural marvel that symbolizes the relationship between earth and heaven—the human world and the higher universe. The grandeur of the circular temple set against the square courtyard reflects the ancient Chinese cosmogonic philosophy of heaven being round and earth being square.
  • 798 Art District: Once an industrial complex, the 798 Art District now hosts an array of contemporary art galleries, creative art spaces, and cultural events. It's a hip and trendy spot that pulses with the vibrancy of Beijing's modern art scene and is a favorite among those seeking inspiration or just a good cup of coffee amidst edgy installations.

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Whether you're tracing the steps of emperors at the Forbidden City, marveling at the Great Wall's timeless majesty, or unwinding in the tranquil expanse of the Summer Palace, our tours are tailored to your interests and can be customized to include the attractions that intrigue you the most.

Don't just see Beijing; immerse yourself in its narrative with Happytripz. Together, let's embark on an adventure that celebrates all the capital has to offer, from its imperial legacy to its avant-garde artistry. We're your compass to discovering Beijing's incredible tapestry, woven through centuries and ready to be unveiled. Come, let Beijing’s story become a part of yours.

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Kelsey Lloyd

What an incredible experience exploring the Great Wall with our knowledgeable guide! Starting off early, we avoided the crowds and enjoyed stunning views in perfect serenity. Our guide provided fascinating historical insights, making the whole excursion so much more meaningful than just a simple trek.

Scarlett Quintana

The Forbidden City tour exceeded all expectations. The depth of information provided, combined with the sheer beauty of the architecture, created an unforgettable experience. The walking pace was just right, allowing time to fully soak in each sight.

Rogelio Stevenson

Visiting the Summer Palace was a highlight of my stay in Beijing. The intricate details of the palace and the serene Kunming Lake offered a peaceful respite from the bustling city. The guide was engaging and shared stories that brought the history of the palace to life.

Viviana Hail

As someone who enjoys off-the-beaten-path experiences, the Hutong tour by rickshaw was exceptional. The narrow alleyways held so much character and history; it felt like a step back in time. Our guide was fantastic, providing a local's insight into life in these historic neighborhoods.

Bronson Singleton

The evening Peking Opera show was a feast for the senses. The vibrant costumes, captivating performances, and unique musical styles made it a truly cultural experience. Though I was unfamiliar with this type of opera, the detailed introduction provided a great understanding of what we watched.

Remy Dalton

The Temple of Heaven tour was superb. The guide provided a profound look into the spiritual and architectural significance of the place. Watching local residents practicing Tai Chi and other activities in the surrounding park added a lovely touch of daily life in Beijing.

Tinsley Gonzalez

We embarked on a culinary adventure through the bustling streets of Beijing. Our food tour introduced us to an array of local flavors and dishes we would never have discovered on our own. The guide was not only knowledgeable about the food but also shared stories behind each dish, making the experience incredibly rich and savory.

Anthony Salgado

A visit to the Ming Tombs became a memorable journey through China's imperial past. The serenity of the tomb complex provided a stark contrast to Beijing's lively atmosphere. Our guide's storytelling made the emperors' history come alive as we explored this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Natasha Turner

Taking a traditional Chinese tea ceremony class was a surprisingly relaxing and educational experience. We learned about the different types of tea, their histories, and the proper way to brew them. It was a delightful way to dive deeper into Chinese culture.

Santos Spears

The Panda Garden visit was a delight. Seeing these amazing creatures up close was a dream come true. Our guide ensured we arrived early for feeding time, the best moment to witness the pandas’ playful behavior. Being informed about conservation efforts added a meaningful layer to the trip.