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What you will see in Beijing during a Sightseeing tour

Embarking on a sightseeing tour in Beijing, the heart of China, is akin to stepping through the pages of a rich historical tome where each corner tells a story steeped in millennia of tradition. The city, a harmonious blend of ancient marvels and modern wonders, offers a tapestry of attractions that will delight and captivate visitors of all ages.

The Imperial Majesty of the Forbidden City

A visit to Beijing is fundamentally incomplete without walking through the imposing gates of the Forbidden City. Once the imperial palace of emperors for nearly 500 years, this massive complex spans 180 acres and boasts a staggering 9,999 rooms. Your footsteps will echo across the same halls where the Ming and Qing dynasty rulers once held court. With Happytripz, you can explore this UNESCO World Heritage site, learning about its vast history, architectural wonders, and the myths that shroud its past.

The Great Wall: China’s Iconic Battlement

No sightseeing tour in Beijing would be authentic without gazing upon the Great Wall. This magnificent structure, a feat of engineering and endurance, snakes across China’s landscapes, and one of the most accessible sections, Badaling, is just a short bus ride away from Beijing. Look upon the stretches of walls and battlements that protected ancient Chinese territories as you listen to tales of hardship and heroism. Happytripz ensures you capture the essence of the Great Wall’s history and grandeur.

Enchanting Serenity at the Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, a sublime expression of landscaping, represents the pinnacle of classical Chinese garden design. Here, elegance meets tranquility among pavilions, halls, palaces, temples, and the vast Kunming Lake. Wander along the Long Corridor with its painted scenes, and climb the Tower of Buddhist Incense for a breathtaking view. With Happytripz, this UNESCO World Heritage site comes alive.

The Temple of Heaven: A Spiritual Journey

Experience the solemnity of the Temple of Heaven, where emperors once prayed for harvests. This architectural masterpiece, aligned with the heavens, showcases the unique cosmology of ancient China. It is a quiet space away from the city’s hustle, where locals practice tai chi, making it a spiritual oasis you'll explore with Happytripz.

Cultural Immersion in the Hutongs

For a dip into Beijing's living history, journey through the hutongs. These narrow lanes offer a glimpse of life in the old quarters of the city, with courtyard homes and small local businesses bringing you face to face with the charm of bygone eras. Happytripz takes you through these labyrinthine alleyways, offering stories and snacks, ensuring a lively cultural exchange.

Modern Splendors and Olympic Triumphs

Beijing's modernity is as noteworthy as its history. Witness the iconic Bird's Nest stadium, the heart of the 2008 Olympics—a marvel of contemporary architecture. Nearby, marvel at the "Water Cube," where world records were shattered. Happytripz offers an engaging narrative about China's ascent in the modern sporting arena as you take in these monumental sites.

Art and Cuisine: Hubs of Contemporary Life

  • 798 Art Zone: Beijing's art scene finds its pulse in the vibrant 798 Art Zone. Once an industrial complex, this area is now a haven for art lovers, lined with galleries, studios, and hip cafes. With Happytripz, uncover artistic treasures hidden in this creative enclave.
  • Beijing Cuisine: No tour is complete without indulging in Beijing's culinary repertoire. Savor Peking duck, jianbing, and other local delicacies, immersing your palate in flavors that are an integral part of the city's fabric.
As you can see, Beijing sightseeing is a rich and varied experience promising a wealth of discoveries. Whether you're a history buff, art aficionado, or a culinary enthusiast, Happytripz tailors your journey ensuring you soak in all the splendors that this ancient yet modern metropolis has to offer. Join us for an unforgettable expedition through Beijing's vibrant history and contemporary heartbeat.

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Alvin Eaton

Just returned from the most amazing sightseeing tour in Beijing! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the city's history. From the iconic Great Wall to the ancient Forbidden City, every location was brought to life with fascinating stories. This tour goes beyond the typical sightseeing experience – it's a deep dive into the heart of Chinese culture. Highly recommended!

Jones O’Donnell

The Beijing tour was an unforgettable experience. Every detail was taken care of, allowing us to enjoy the stunning sights without any hassle. The Summer Palace with its beautiful gardens was a highlight, and the Temple of Heaven left us truly mesmerized. To anyone considering a trip to Beijing, this is the tour you're looking for!

Luciano Snow

Our family had a wonderful time exploring Beijing's historic sites. The convenience and comfort provided by our tour guide made the entire day stress-free. Seeing the giant pandas at the zoo was a delight for the kids, and learning about the dynasties at the Forbidden City was captivating. Definitely a five-star experience!

Erick Daniels

My partner and I took a Beijing sightseeing tour offered by Happytripz and it exceeded all our expectations. The attention to detail, the punctuality and the selection of destinations were top-notch. Biking through the hutongs gave us a glimpse into local life, and the sunset over the Great Wall is a memory we'll cherish forever.

Julissa McCann

Absolutely the best way to see Beijing! The tour was well-organized and covered all the must-see spots. Skipping the long lines at popular attractions like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall saved us so much time. The guide was friendly, humorous and spoke excellent English, which really enhanced our experience. For anyone visiting Beijing, this tour should not be missed!