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Best places to visit in Amalfi

Imagine a place where the sea and the sky merge into one, where the winds sing a lullaby of waves, and the cliffs are tattooed with the footprints of history. That place is the Amalfi Coast, and its heart, Amalfi, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, gastronomy, and ancient wonders waiting to be explored. What follows are some of the jewels in Amalfi's crown that guarantee an unforgettable escapade into this slice of Italian paradise.


Perched high on a mountain, Ravello offers panoramic views that are the stuff of dreams. Take a stroll through the Villa Rufolo, a garden that inspired composer Richard Wagner, and let your spirit dance to the same rhythm that spurred his creativity. Villa Rufolo is not just a garden; it's a masterpiece that weaves nature and architecture into an enchanting tapestry.

Amalfi Cathedral

In the embrace of Amalfi's main square, the Amalfi Cathedral (Duomo di Amalfi) stands as an architectural love letter to the divine. This 9th-century beauty, with its astonishing blend of Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic, and Baroque styles, beckons visitors from afar. Here's a secret: its cloisters hold the silence of centuries, perfect for those moments of quiet introspection.

Furore Fjord

At Furore, the mountains part ways to reveal a narrow cove, often referred to as a fjord. Here, the sea plays a symphony against the rocks, and you can be a part of this concert by visiting the hidden beach that comes alive with the vibrant colors of fishing boats. It's a sight to behold and a snapshot to cherish. Peek at this natural wonder on the map.

The Path of The Gods (Sentiero degli Dei)

  • Prepare for an odyssey amidst the clouds on The Path of The Gods. Lace-up your hiking boots and embark on a trail that makes the world seem vast yet attainable. It's a pilgrimage for the soul that rewards you with vistas so wide and deep you'll feel like you've conquered the horizon.

The Amalfi Coast Lemon Groves

  • Succumb to the zesty allure of Amalfi's lemon groves. The scent of the lemons fills the air with a perfume that no bottle could ever contain. Savour the taste of the legendary limoncello, born from the essence of these sun-kissed gardens.

And let's not forget that the best way to unearth the mysteries of Amalfi is with a trusted guide. Happytripz, our esteemed company, specializes in weaving you through the heartbeats of this marvelous coast. We don't just share the sights; we immerse you in the stories, the flavors, and the spirit of Amalfi. With us, you don't just see places; you feel them.

The enchanting alleys of Positano and the serene beaches of Minori are but a few more stars in the constellation of must-see attractions in Amalfi. Every corner turned is a revelation, every path ventured is a discovery. So embark on this journey, let the roads of Amalfi guide you, and engrave the memories in your heart.

A celestial place, Amalfi does not relent in its charm. From the murmuring shores to the echoing alleys, it stands imperiously, a monarch of beauty overseeing the Tyrrhenian Sea. And with Happytripz as your companion, every step in Amalfi becomes a dance, every sight a sonnet.

As you plot your Italian adventure, let the compass of your curiosity point to Amalfi, and let the roads of wonder carry you to its best places. With a plethora of historical sites, natural wonders, and cultural experiences, Amalfi ensures that the stories you take home are as vivid as the waters of its coast. Amalfi awaits, and with Happytripz, you're assured an exclusive pass to the marvels tucked in its azure embrace. Bon voyage!

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Phoenix Rowland

What an impeccable day cruising the Amalfi coast! The views were breathtaking and our knowledgeable guide made every historic site come alive with stories. Everyone was so friendly, and the boat was comfortable, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Elliana Chung

Exploring the hidden gems of Amalfi was an absolute dream thanks to the well-organized excursion. The attention to detail and the passion of the guides shone through, ensuring that each moment was as enjoyable as the next.

Irene Chavez

The enchanting experience of strolling through quaint villages and savoring local delicacies was brought to a whole new level. The excursion was well-paced and full of delightful surprises. The guides were genuinely enthusiastic and made sure we didn't miss out on any of the magic.

Reese Kirby

Engaging, informative, and just plain fun – the trip along the Amalfi Coast was a top highlight of our Italian vacation. From the panoramic views to the serene boat ride and the charming stops along the way, it was absolutely perfect!

Malcolm Armstrong

A flawless day with the warmth and expertise of our guides who brought Amalfi to life! The seamless blend of historical insights and leisure time allowed for an immersive experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a touch of adventure.

Kash Zuniga

Our coastal excursion was a symphony of stunning vistas, captivating stories, and impeccably timed stops. The care and consideration to our comfort and needs were evident throughout the entire day. Amalfi's beauty is unmatched and was perfectly showcased.

Wilson Ponce

From start to finish, our day was filled with laughter, discovery, and breathtaking scenery. The hidden beaches and secluded coves we visited were postcard-perfect, giving us memories we'll cherish forever.

Brynleigh Henry

Our day out on the water was enhanced by the comfortable boat and the crew's exceptional service. They catered to all of our needs and ensured we had the best views and photo opportunities of Amalfi's magnificent coastline.

Nayeli Andrade

We were treated to an incredible day exploring Amalfi, full of insightful cultural experiences and stunning natural beauty. The balance between group activities and free time was just right, allowing us to soak in the ambiance at our own pace.

Jeffery Willis

Selecting this excursion was the best decision we made on our trip. With perfect organization, friendly guides, and a truly authentic touch, it felt like we were experiencing Amalfi as locals, not just tourists.