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Best places to visit in Verona

Verona, often cited as the city of love due to its association with Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” is a beacon of culture and beauty in Italy's Veneto region. Nestled on the serpentine Adige river, Verona is a symphony of ancient Roman structures, renaissance art, and medieval buildings, all weaved into a vibrant modern-day fabric. To truly embrace the charm of this UNESCO World Heritage site, embark on an exploration of the very best spots the city has to offer, and consider allowing Happytripz to guide you through the storied streets and hidden gems with our expertly curated excursions.

A first-time visitor seeking to soak in the essence of Verona could scarcely do better than starting at the ancient heart of the city, the well-conserved Arena di Verona. Not only an architectural marvel but also an entertainment hub, the amphitheater continues to be the epicenter of Verona’s operatic scene. Meander through its vaulted passageways and imagine the echoes of a gladiatorial past juxtaposed with the harmonious present.

As you drift from lane to lane, a must-see is the supposed home of Juliet - Casa di Giulietta. Though the story of the star-crossed lovers is a work of fiction, the romance-laden balcony and bronze statue of Juliet draw countless visitors. Take a moment to scrawl your message of love on the wall, or better yet, entrust Happytripz to craft that perfect moment on one of our specialized tours.

Beyond the allure of love, Verona offers a treasure trove of historical sites:

  • Piazza delle Erbe: Once a Roman forum, now a bustling marketplace surrounded by medieval buildings, it's the perfect venue to savor a cappuccino while absorbing the milieu.
  • Castelvecchio: This robust fortress, now transformed into a museum, houses a remarkable collection of Veronese art, amidst panoramic views of the Adige River. Find it on the map here.
  • Ponte Pietra: This picturesque stone bridge offers an idyllic view of the city and constitutes a peaceful stroll, especially at sunset.
  • Verona Cathedral (Cattedrale Santa Maria Matricolare): A mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, this cathedral houses artistic masterpieces, including works by Titian.

Leaving no stone unturned, the value of experiencing Verona with those who know it intimately cannot be overstated. With Happytripz, enjoy the luxury of insight and local anecdotes that bring the city’s history alive.

A mere word about gastronomy and you’ll be navigating through a culinary landscape as rich as its cultural counterpart. Trattorias and osterias tucked away behind the main piazzas serve traditional Veronese dishes like polenta, risotto, and pastissada de caval, a horse meat stew that may intrigue the gastronomic adventurer. Of course, a glass of the local Valpolicella wine is an unmissable companion to any meal. Our Happytripz tour guides are ready to recommend the very best spots for an authentic taste of Verona.

Whether it's a quiet corner of a piazza, an unexpected gallery, or the highest tower with sweeping views, Verona is a city waiting to be unravelled. And what better way to peel back its layers than in the company of Happytripz, where each excursion is more than a tour, but a narrative woven through time.

Among the many timeless narratives is the Scaliger Tombs, an exquisite example of Gothic art, which celebrates the Scaliger family who once ruled Verona. This historical site is not only a testament to the city's rich lineage but also an architectural demonstrative that has garnered the admiration of historians and art aficionados alike.

So why wait? Let us, your friends at Happytripz, take the reins. Together, let us wander through the same streets that have inspired poets, sparked romances, and perpetuated legends for centuries. Verona awaits, timeless and inviting – an open book whose pages turn with the softest whisper of an Italian breeze.

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Yehuda Tate

Our guide was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly passionate about Verona's history, making the tour both informative and entertaining. Each stop on our walking tour was thoughtfully selected and offered a deep dive into the city's rich culture. I highly recommend this excursion to anyone visiting Verona.

Dion Montoya

I was absolutely enthralled by the bike tour through Verona's streets. It was an eco-friendly way to see the city, and the pace was perfect for all ages in our group. Our guide ensured the route was safe, and the views were postcard-perfect. Truly a highlight of my Verona trip!

Daniela Yang

The evening food and wine tour we joined was sublime. Each tasting was a delightful exploration of Veronese cuisine, paired with exquisite local wines. The atmosphere was convivial and our guide made everyone feel like old friends. It's a must-do for food lovers in Verona.

Quincy Pace

As an avid Shakespeare fan, the 'In the Footsteps of Romeo and Juliet' tour was a dream come true. Our guide brought the story to life in the very streets where it was set. The visit to Juliet's balcony was especially poignant. An unforgettable experience for any literature enthusiast.

Eden Crosby

We booked a small group history tour and were mesmerized by the city's ancient Roman ruins and well-preserved medieval architecture. Our guide was a fountain of knowledge, answering every question with insightful detail. The personal touch to the history of Verona made all the difference.

Abel Potts

I cannot praise the Verona hills e-bike tour enough. The electric bikes made the climb seamless, and the panoramic views from the top were nothing short of spectacular. Our guide captured the perfect photos for us, which was a nice touch to a splendid day!

Ephraim Jacobson

A superb day of adventure with an off-the-beaten-path walking tour. We explored hidden gems of Verona that we never would have found on our own. Our guide's storytelling captivated us, transporting us back through centuries of history with every turn.

Alejandra Daniel

The half-day wine tour to Valpolicella was simply sensational. The guide was friendly and really knew their wines. Visiting the vineyards and tasting the rich flavors of the local Amarone was an experience to savor. This tour is essential for any wine lover visiting the region.

Gianna Andersen

The Verona Arena was breathtaking, and our guide ensured we skipped the long lines. Their background stories and historical facts gave such depth to the visit, it felt like we had traveled back in time. This tour was worth every penny for the rich cultural immersion alone.

Egypt Gutierrez

Our romantic night tour of Verona was the epitome of charm. The city's lights and serene atmosphere, combined with our guide's passion and wealth of anecdotes, created an enchanting evening we'll always remember. This tour truly showcased the beauty of Verona under the stars.